Littoral Creatures Gallery

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The Littoral Creatures paintings (and Seahorse | Seagrass poster unveiling) are to launch a campaign (the Seahorse Society) with the Biscayne Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserves to protect our seagrasses (which serve as habitats for seahorses and essential to the life of all Littoral Creatures)!

Seahorse | Seagrass Banner
Littoral Creature
Horseshoe Crab
Hurricane Watch
The Nature of Being
Sea Turtle
Seahorse Society: West
Seahorse Society: South
Seahorse Society: East
Seahorse Society: North
Three Jellyfish
Dos Peces
Jellyfish (on Green)
Sea Star 1
Sea Star 2
Sea Star 3
Coral (on Blue)
Sea Star (on Blue)
Seahorse (on Green)
Seahorse 1
Seahorse 2
Seahorse 3
White Sea Star (on Green)
Sea Star (Yellow)
Sea Star
Elkhorn Coral
80.15 W
Ode to Pancho | With Teeth
Pancho's Urn