Xavier Cortada has worked with groups globally to produce numerous collaborative art projects, including peace murals in Cyprus and Northern Ireland, child welfare murals in Bolivia and Panama, AIDS murals in Switzerland and South Africa, juvenile justice murals and projects in Miami and Philadelphia, and eco-art projects in Taiwan, Hawaii, and Holland. Cortada also created installations at the North and South Poles to address environmental issues at every point in between. 

Cultivando | Flowers for Cuba
(Key West – Cuba, 2014)

(France, 2013)

(Taiwan, 2011)

Life Wall
(Netherlands, 2009)

Genetic Markers
(Quebec, 2009)

Children’s Friendship Project
(Northern Ireland, 2000)

Healthy Women, Healthy World
(Global Health Council’s 27th Annual Conference, 2000)

Listen to the Children of the Green Island
(Cyprus, 2000)

Breaking the Silence
(South Africa, 2000)

Arab-Jewish Community Center
(Jaffa, 1999)

Compartiendo con Panama
(Panama, 1999)

Bridging the Gap
(Geneva, 1998)

Compartiendo con Bolivia
(Bolivia, 1997)

Quiero Paz
(Colombia, 1994)

Polar projects

South Pole Installations

Antarctic Ice Paintings

North Pole Installations

Arctic Ice Paintings