UHOA MAR 2020 – Future of Flood Insurance


Wednesday, March 4th at 7pm at Pinecrest Gardens for our monthly Underwater HOA meeting!

Dear Community Members,
You are invited to join us this Wednesday, March 4 th  at 7pm as we discuss the future of flood insurance, what it means for the economic stability of our community, and what we can proactively do about it.
To ensure we are working with the most updated information, the Underwater HOA has asked Michael Lyons, President and CEO of Weston Insurance Holdings Corporation, to give a short presentation. Importantly, he will lead a conversation about the upcoming changes to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
Following Mr. Lyons presentation, we will break into the committee groups that were formed after our February planning meeting:
  • Pinecrest UHOA Chapter, chaired by Dr. Brian Haus
  • New Chapter Development, chaired by Artist Xavier Cortada
  • Engagement & Programming, chaired by Cortada Projects Director Adam Roberti
The mission and direction of each committee will be explained in detail, allowing members of the Underwater HOA to join whichever group they feel most passionate about.
You will also have an opportunity to create a sign with your home’s elevation to place in your front yard, signaling to your neighbors that they, too, must understand and prepare for the impact of sea-level rise on South Florida.
We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday as we continue to provide a platform for working together and learning together as we plan for a future impacted by sea-level rise.
Best Regards,
The Underwater HOA Team

To see our full calendar of events please visit: www.cortadaprojects.org/events

Xavier Cortada ’s participatory art practice is implemented through Cortada Projects at Pinecrest Gardens.  Cortada Projects uses the power of art to engage the community in learning about and addressing important ecological concerns including global climate change, sea-level rise, and biodiversity loss.