2018 News

March 2018

  • Water Paintings created at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest on display at Pinecrest Gardens Hibiscus Gallery
  • Astrid on display at Weisman Art Museum
  • Bridging the gap between art and science; and more

April 2018

  • Antarctic Ice Paintings projected as part of Frost Symphonic Winds’ Waters Rising concert
  • Diatom Court unveiled at Pinecrest Gardens
  • {in water} exhibition about diatoms at Pinecrest Gardens Hibiscus Gallery; and more

June 2018

  • {in water} exhibition at Pinecrest Gardens Hibiscus Gallery
  • Epoch Exhibition at Artistree Gallery
  • 90N North Pole Installations at Gulf Coast Gallery, Creative Pinellas; and more

June 2018

  • The Making of Conan’s Haiti Mural
  • Cortada on Creative Pinellas podcast
  • Water Paintings created at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest on display at Artistree Gallery; and more

August 2018

  • 90N solo exhibition at Creative Pinellas Gallery
  • Endangered Species: Artists on the Front Line of Biodiversity group exhibition at Whatcom; and more

August 2018

  • A dozen artistic responses to one of the greatest threats of our time

September 2018

  • Cortada Studio opens at Pinecrest Gardens’ Whilden Carrier Cottage
  • Coconut Grove Arts Festival features Cortada’s Florida is… Nature
  • Miami SHITSHOW March to the Sea; and more

October 2018

  • Antarctic Ice Paintings address sea level rise
  • Pinecrest is Getting an “Underwater Homeowners Association” to Help Respond to Sea-Level Rise
  • Miami-Dade County Cultural Affairs Council elects Xavier Cortada new chairman; and more

November 2018

  • The Village of Pinecrest and Pinecrest Gardens invite you to Antarctic Ice Paintings: Global Coastlines & Underwater HOA
  • Miami New Media Festival, 13th Edition, presents Cortada’s Norht Pole Dinner Part & Arctic Ice Paintings, Water Paintings and WaterViz: The Art and Science of Water Journeys; and more

December 2018

  • Season’s greetings to you and yours – The Four Seasons