2015 News

February 2015

  • Seahorse Paintings Wynwood: Bakehouse Art Complex
  • Littoral Creatures Key Largo: Gallery at Kona Kai
  • ART@CMS: In Search of Higgs Boson opening exhibit; and more

March 2015

  • Ice, Sea Stars and Flowers in Princeton University Center for Migration and Development Colloquium Seies
  • Anthroposcene: Art and Nature in a Manufactured Era featuring Diatom
  • Vanishing Ice: Alpine and Polar Landscapes in Art at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection; and more

April 2015

  • National Weather Center Biennale featuring Wind Words: Water
  • Torrid Flora featuring Flora (sin titulo)
  • Native Flags: 6th Annual Reforestation in every public school in Miami-Dade County; and more

May 2015

  • Art Talk at ArtCenter South Florida
  • Hialeah Mayor to dedicate “Rise” installation at JFK Public Library
  • Preservation through the Arts Play includes Cortada’s “Absence of Place” photos; and more

June 2015

  • Cortada’s “Pelican Path” installed at Port Everglades
  • Perspectives: Examining Complex Ecological Dynamics through Arts, Humanities and Science Integration
  • Littoral Creatures Key Largo: Gallery at Kona Kai; and more

August 2015

  • Littoral Creatures at Bakehouse Art Complex
  • Season X exhibit at Osilas Gallery
  • 10-year loan to Hialeah libraries; and more

November 2015

  • Cortada invites you to the opening of CLIMA, a solo art exhibit

December 2015

  • Season’s greetings to you and yours