Climakaze Exhibit

Prolific environmental and science artist Xavier Cortada, B.A. ’86, M.P.A. ’91, J.D. ’91, knows a thing or two about the power of visualization.
Cortada uses various forms of media to convey the gravity of important social and environmental issues such as climate change. Now an artist-in-residence at the FIU College of Architecture + The Arts and FIU College of Arts & Sciences School of Environment, Arts and Society, Cortada has created several participatory eco art projects in Florida, including a mangrove reforestation project,wildflower garden planting initiative, and an urban habitat reforestation effort.

Cortada has also produced art on every single continent, including a 2007-2008 piece entitled Longitudinal Installation in the North and South Poles.

A fiercely proud three-time UM alumnus, Cortada has been connected to the University for more than three decades and owes his unique artistic perspective to his interdisciplinary studies at UM, ranging from biology to law and social justice issues.

While in the green zone in Cyprus in the Mediterranean, Cortada first began using art to communicate environmental concepts by showing fighting Turks and Greeks how nature connects us all.

“We are one ecosystem, one biology, one DNA,” he says.

This sense of our whole world being interconnected is portrayed through most of Cortada’s artwork, as is a strong hope for the future. Cortada strives to encourage school-age children to engage in science and eco art. After all, he says, children are our future.
By Jessica M. Castillo / UM News
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The Psychoanalysis of Climate Change
a performance by Xavier Cortada
Sat., April 23rd at 3:30 pm

Psychoanalysis of Climate Change exposes and examines the unnamed crisis of the human psyche around climate change and environmental collapse realizations-both in our consciousness and subconscious.

Xavier Cortada, Testamento, archival ink on aluminum, 2015

Atlantis Miami
Bakehouse Art Complex
Wynwood | Miami, FL
April 27th – May 8th

FIU CARTA and SEAS Artist-in-Residence Xavier Cortada will be exhibiting selected works from his CLIMA exhibit at the Bakehouse Art Complex Audrey Love Gallery. The two-week show is to help launch Atlantis Miami. The Atlantis Miami Art Hack, to be held in 2017, is a Knight Arts Challenge winning project inviting artists and tech professionals throughout the globe to collaborate on a two week hack-a-thon to produce works exploring the theme of sea level rise in Miami.

Miami Dade County Public Schools
Miami, FL
Earth Day 2016

For a 7th consecutive year, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Florida International University, Deering Estate, the Frost Science Museum and other project partners will once again bring Native Flags ( to every public school in Miami-Dade County on April 22nd, 2016. That’s 336 native plants and 336 green flags planted in 336 schools!

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 Arctic Residency: Toolik Field Station
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Xavier Cortada, Wildlife,  2015.
Created at the Rauschenberg Residency 2015 Rising Waters Confab.