Florida is… Endangered Animals

Cortada portrayed Florida’s endangered land animals in Florida Turnpike’s Ft. Drum plaza (near Orlando).  At the main entrance visitors are greeted by an 8’ x 20’ mural of a Florida Panther.  “I created the mural in small rectangular pieces to resemble city blocks on a map,” said Cortada.  “In the work, I wanted to reference how cars and buildings continue to overtake the panther’s natural habitat.  We must find a better way to coexist with nature.”

In the dining room, Cortada depicted 12 other Florida land animals threatened by human encroachment and development: Burrowing Owls, Eastern Indigo Snakes, Florida Panthers, Florida Bog Frogs, Gopher Tortoises, Key Deer, Lower Keys Rabbits,  Miami Blue Butterflies, Red Wolves, Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, Reticulated Flatwoods Salamanders, Stock Island Tree Snails, Wood storks.