Florida is… Sunshine

Sunshine: Sunrise | Diatoms (at High Noon) | Sunset
(Turkey Lake Plaza, Florida Turnpike)

At the Florida Turnpike Turkey Lake Plaza, Cortada depicted Florida’s sunshine and the water-bound diatoms that harness the power of the sun to create oxygen. Diatoms are responsible for generating for 1/3 of the air we breathe.

“Conceptually,” Cortada stated, “I wanted to track a day in the life across the Sunshine State:

  • Sunrise: Huge sunrays rise above the Northbound entrance (on the east side of the Turkey Lake plaza),
  • High Noon: life-giving diatoms appear as circles on the ceiling at the center of the building at high noon, and
  • Sunset: the rays set above the Southbound entrance on the west.”