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In Genetic Sequence, the artist invited Frost Art Museum visitors to randomly select a postcard depicting one of Cortada’s four nucleotide paintings and place them sequentially within small plastic bags hanging in a grid on a wall to create “Sequentia.” In Dr. Kalai Mathee’s lab, Cortada determined the random sequence being generated by the participatory art project existed in a portion of the human chromosome 3.

Engaged Projects

  • Coral Art (Echo Residency)” – Preserving coral through education on lowering your carbon footprint to reduce ocean acidification and greenhouse gases (commissioned by Education through Cultural and Historic Organizations for the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Honolulu, HI).
  • Sequentia” – Exploring the sequence of events that make up life on the planet from the molecular to the monumental (exhibited at the Frost Art Museum in collaboration with Dr. Kalai Mathee, FIU Department of Molecular Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Founding Chair, Miami, FL).
  • Ancestral Dinner Party” – Developing a connection to common ancestors by “hunting and gathering” and sharing a meal (exhibited at the Hardcore Art Contemporary Space for the 2010 5th Edition New Media Festival, Miami, FL).


  • ECHO (Education through Cultural and Historic Organizations), Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Honolulu, HI

Group Exhibitions

  • 2010 Abracadabra: Third Annual Fund-Raising Art Exhibition, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood, FL
  • 2010 Aesthetics & Values (featuring: “Genetic Markers”), Patricia and Philip Frost Art Museum, Miami, FL
  • 2010 What Matters Most? (featuring: “Reclaim What Matters Most”), EXIT Art, ecoartspace, New York, NY
  • 2010 Parks Project (featuring: “Ancestral Journeys”), Women’s Park, Miami-Dade Parks Department, Miami, FL
  • 2010  Art in Embassies, Malabo, Equitorial Guinea
  • 2010  New Media Festival, 5th edition (featuring: “Ancestral Journeys”), Hardcore Art Contemporary Space, Miami, FL
  • 2010  Adaptation (featuring: “Antarctic Ice Paintings”), Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood, FL
  • 2010 David Castillo Gallery Open Show (featuring: “Antarctic Ice Paintings”), David Castillo Gallery, Miami, FL
  • 2010 The Liberators Project/Liberadores (featuring: “Ancestral Journeys”), Denver Biennial of the Americas, Museo de las Américas, Denver, CO
  • 2010 SCOPE Miami Art Fair (featuring: “80.15 W”), Hardcore Art Contemporary Space booth at Art Basel Miami Beach 2010, Miami, FL
  • 2010 Arts for a Better World (featuring: “Reclamation Project” and Mangrove roots paintings, Soho Studios during Art Basel Miami Beach 2010, Miami, FL

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2010 May It Please the Court (featuring: Cortada’s paintings of constitutional rights), Florida International University College of Law, Miami, FL
  • 2010 Ancestral Journeys (featuring: “Ancestral Journeys” and “Reclamation Project”), Deering Estate, Palmetto Bay, FL
  • 2010 Antarctic Ice Paintings (featuring: “Antarctic Sea Ice series” and “Western Antarctic Ice Sheet series”), Art Center South Florida, Miami Beach, FL
  • 2010 Sequentia (featuring: “The Four Nucleotides” and “Genetic Sequence”), Patricia and Philip Frost Art Museum, Miami, FL
  • 2010 North Pole/South Pole (90n/90s) Installations (featuring: “Longitudinal Installation,” “Endangered World,” “Native Flags,” “The Markers,” “150,000-Year Journey,” and “Antarctic Ice Paintings”), Miami Science Museum, Miami, FL
  • 2010 Endangered World Installation (featuring: Endangered World: Biscayne National Park Installation” and “80.15W”), Biscayne National Park, Homestead, FL
  • 2010 Mangroves (featuring: Mangrove roots paintings), Art Center South Florida, Miami, FL
  • 2010 Endangered World (featuring: “Endangered World: Life Wall”), Art Center South Florida, Miami, FL


  • February – Biscayne National Park Exhibit

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