Xavier Cortada’s participatory art practice is based at Pinecrest Gardens.  Through exhibitions at the Hibiscus Gallery, installations along the colonnade in the gardens, and programming at the weekly Farmer’s Market, Cortada Projects uses the power of art to engage the public in learning about and addressing environmental concerns. Cortada’s hope is that by bringing his engaged practice to Pinecrest Gardens, he can raise awareness about pressing environmental issues, encouraging citizens to do what they can to protect the life currently on the planet, as well as the future generations who will inherit what is left behind.

As Pinecrest Gardens’ Artist-in-Residence, Cortada aims to have the community come together through his participatory art projects.  By facilitating experiential learning, Cortada Projects allow people to reframe the way they see themselves and their relationship with the natural world.  Not only are participants encouraged to explore and become curious about their local environment, but they are motivated to protect and live in tune with nature.

Volunteers complete the FLOR500 Mural at Sweetwater Elementary School, Spring 2018