MAY 27, 2020

Twenty-two of our neighbors have been pronounced dead in the last 24 hours. As of May 27th, 2020, there have been a total of 655 deaths due to coronavirus across Miami-Dade County. May those who have fallen to the pandemic rest in peace.

Total number of cases (Miami-Dade County): 17,225

Total number of hospitalizations: 2,796

Total number of deaths: 655

New cases in past 24 hours: 184

New deaths in past 24 hours: 22


The City of Miami is proposing a citywide hiring freeze and trimming budgets across all departments. This initative is to address a $21 million shortfall amid this COVID-19 economic downturn. Even as South Florida’s economy slowly reopens, losses from closures and stay at home orders that were meant to slow the spread of the virus are yet to be felt.

Proposed adjustments to the City’s budgeting includes deferring upgrades to A/C units at police facilities and a quarter-million-dollar upgrade to its information technology systems. A hiring freeze will also keep vacant positions open longer, which may impact city operations in the long run.