MAY 23, 2020

Fifteen of our neighbors have been pronounced dead in the last 24 hours. As of May 23rd, 2020, there have been a total of 629 deaths due to coronavirus across Miami-Dade County. May those who have fallen to the pandemic rest in peace.

Total number of cases (Miami-Dade County): 16,694

Total number of hospitalizations: 2,710

Total number of deaths: 629

New cases in past 24 hours: 172

New deaths in past 24 hours: 15


Dr. Eugene “Gene” J. Sayfie, a University of Miami cardiologist who spent five decades practicing medicine in South Florida, passed away on Saturday morning after being diagnosed with COVID-19 six weeks ago. His daughter, Stephanie Sayfie-Aagaard, said her father was still taking care of his patients before he contracted coronavirus. He would even give patients his cellphone number and made house calls.

In an interview, the Sayfie sisters recalled how strangers would approach them after learning of their last name to share memories of being Sayfie’s patient. His legacy lives on through his four daughters Stephanie, Nicole, Lisa, and Amy, his wife Suzie, and his nine grandchildren. He was 85 years old.