Xavier Cortada’s Longitudinal Installation is a ritualistic performance that presents the effects of climate change from both a global and personal perspective. In this performance, Cortada recites quotes from twenty-four different people across twenty-four time zones that describe personal impacts of climate change. Each quote is recited above a shoe, painted with an acrylic mix of soil samples from the Dry Valleys in Antarctica, that is representative of its specific time zone – the twenty-four shoes arranged in a circle, each aligned with its corresponding longitude as they all converge on the South Pole.

participate at pinecrest gardens

Perform the Longitudinal Installation by yourself or with friends and family by following the directions below:

  • Take a picture of the 24 quotes on the sign
  • Walk over to the Longitudinal Installation
  • Stand in front of the shoe marked 0° and begin by reading its associated quote
  • Continue clockwise around the circle by reciting the rest of the quotes until you finish at 15° West

If you are performing the Longitudinal Installation with others, alternate the recital of each quote as you move around the world.