The Underwater HOA is a socially engaged art project that aims to generate awareness about sea level rise and engage neighbors in taking action by providing a space where they can collectively address the impacts the climate crisis.

find out your elevation

Visit Eyes on the Rise to enter your home address and discover how high your house is above sea level.

create your marker

Step 1: Instead of throwing out your political (or any other kind of) yard sign, reuse it. Paint it white (the color of the Antarctic glaciers).

Step 2: Paint your elevation number on the right side of the sign (the number depicts how many feet of melting glacial water needs to rise before your property is underwater).

Step 3: Paint a wavy blue line beneath your elevation to represent the rising seas.

Step 4: Take a picture of your elevation marker and share it on social media, tagging @xcortada and #UnderwaterHOA