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University of Florida “Creative B”: Lecture

July 9, 2014

Xavier Cortada launches his “Moving Water” participatory art project at the University of Florida on July 9, 2014.


“Moving Water” 

Ritualistic Installation and Dedication of Ceramic Tile Mural
July 30, 2014
Library West (start of procession)
Free and open to the public

UF engineering and art students enrolled in courses taught by Dan Dickrell and Giang Pham will mark the Panama Canal centennial by connecting it with the lives of present-day Floridians, focusing on environmental concerns.  The artist will lead students in a participatory art project about water and invites them to explore how much of Florida has been transformed in the last 100 years.

Xavier Cortada

UF students will mark the Panama Canal centennial by connecting it with the lives of present-day Floridians. I am particularly interested in generating awareness about how we impact our environment so that we may do so in a way that is mindful of future human generations as we as other species we co-evolved with to share the planet.

The Panama Canal offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the power of our ideas and the force of our actions (connecting two oceans) — including the unintended consequences.   I would like for our students, particularly our engineering students, to focus on how we have used machines to reshape our peninsula.  How we have redefined our waters edge: as mangroves give way to sea walls, as dredging creates new ports, as wetlands are drained, how mining creates square lakes, how water is moved and channeled and controlled– as be have plumbed our state and crossed it with pipes, tubes canals that manage water flow.

Students will post their exploration online on the CREATIVE B’s MOVING WATER BLOG: .

Moving Water aims to allow the viewer to reflect on this critical resource — and how their collective and individual actions/inaction can have dire consequences for our state.

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July 9, 2014


Brian Yeager


University of Florida