About Citizen of the United States

Artist's Statement

Today, January 6, 2021, a mob of rioters stormed and breached The People’s House, the US Capitol, and temporarily halted Congress’ deliberations on accepting the results of the Electoral College.

The domestic terrorists who interrupted this Constitutionally ordained democratic process were fueled by Trump’s demagoguery and the rhetoric of some Republican representatives and senators who were conspiring to steal the Presidential election. All must be held accountable.

There is no law and order without justice. There is no rule of law without an independent judiciary and democratically-elected representatives. There is no democracy without an engaged citizenry. Just like we’ve abandoned much of our public role in the public sphere, it seems many of us have abdicated our role as engaged citizens in the democratic experiment we call our beloved country. Americans have to remember that power emanates from us. We the people must regain our sense of self within the instrument of government.

When elected officials defy the rule of law, democratic ideals, or the will of the people, it is our obligation as Citizen of the United States to jump into the public sphere and regain control of our social order.

Today I launch the Office of the Citizen of the United States in order for 328 million of my fellow citizens to inhabit it. To reset our democracy. To set it on the right course.

This participatory art project invites us to utilize our social media spaces to intensify our sense of public purpose, civic duty, and connection to one another. By abandoning the weaponry of partisanship and assuming the mantle of citizen leadership, Americans are encouraged as individuals to animate democracy. To celebrate those who represent our will. And to admonish – even rebuke – those who deny us.

Thank you for your service as Citizen of the United States of America.