Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava asked her constituents to answer the question “What does a thriving Miami-Dade County look like to you?”

These responses were used to create “How We Thrive,” a collaborative message mural by Xavier Cortada and Miami-Dade Residents as part of the Mayor Levine Cava’s Thrive305 campaign. Common themes across the messages included:

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Many people of all ages, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and abilities all able to live in safe neighborhoods with decent housing, all needed services nearby and a shared commitment to achieving climate resilience, social and racial justice, access to quality healthcare and education plus freedom from fear of gun violence.

A thriving Miami-Dade County is a safe, healthy, and united community. It is a place filled with endless opportunities for my children and other generations to come.

A thriving Miami-Dade County incorporates all of the Elements of Government...from Health and Public Economy and Transit and the Trust and Responsiveness...we are all in this Together, Lifting One Another, as we Progress Forward...for Miami-Dade County.

An inclusive community with first-class public schools, enriching after-school programs, beautiful, clean public spaces in all neighborhoods, supported small businesses, pedestrian-friendly city centers, more live music, and interesting art and cultural offerings

A thriving Miami-Dade is a diverse community that encourages mutual respect for a variety of cultures, appreciating the richness and perspective of cultural exchanges. A thriving Miami-Dade promotes constructive collaboration and effective communication regarding the needs and concerns of all community members.

Green spaces, clean waters and people of every kind outside and enjoying life

Connecting youth and adults with nature. A fishing trip that stretches from Homestead to the County Line. A day that everyone can get out, fish, socialize and share the rejuvenation of nature.

Thriving Miami-Dade is a comprehensive lifestyle of south Floridians working together to create greatness, living, loving, and making a difference. Leading by example and creating trends, Miami-Dade sets the standard for everyone else. Support local and establish an infrastructure to kat for generations to come.

Everyone should have access to basic services, including decent housing, clean water, adequate food, etc. But then we ramp it up further with great education, recreation such as parks and theater and art, and the opportunity to earn a good living and provide for family needs AND wants. And nobody gets left behind!

Love Trust Dignity Pride Collaboration Respect

One where every community has their cultural/social identity, that attracts the rest of the county to visit. Hialeah, Overtown, the South, the North, wynwood, etc.

A diverse community that is sustainable, equitable, and welcoming.

Safe place for a diverse and inclusive community.

Positions Miami as an innovative community that is where you want to live and raise your family.

Enough extremely low income housing to ensure homelessness is rare, brief and one-time and prevented whenever possible.

Equitable. Generous. Resilient. Welcoming. Leading.

diversity, green, empowerment and prosperity .

Connecting with one another with the intension of understanding, acceptance and charity.

Unity of all miami dade county residents

Equity and Culture Cohesiveness.

One big Orchestra! An ensemble of many different instruments; strings, horns, woodwinds, cymbals, and drums, each unique and rich in their own sound, all combining together harmoniously, to make one beautiful Symphony! The Symphony of a Hopeful, Radiant, Prosperous, Innovative, Inclusive, and Diverse Community! Each culture, individual, and background, celebrating and embracing their own rhythm, all the while dancing together to the same song...That is a thriving Miami-Dade County!

A county where locals feel just as important as tourists; where mothers don’t need to worry about the safety of their children; where everyone has a bed to sleep in; where professionals can work and play where they live; where small businesses are prioritized before corporations; whose native, natural environments are sanctified and protected; where immigrant belong; where every child has access to quality education; and most importantly — where our differences are recognized and celebrated!

A county with shade trees, welcoming store fronts, and home entrances (as in open front porches) along most of its streets with pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists sharing space in a way that is comfortable and safe for all.

A dream come true, commited to successfully finish what it set out to accomplish decade after decade, from one millenium to the next and venturing foth into a prosporous tomorrow.

land is back in the hands of Seminole and Miccosukee tribes. Housing is free. No more homeless people line the streets.

Nature is liberated and people feel safe to walk/bike/communicate with each other

A community that embraces its varied history, culture and environment while looking to the future.

A strong nonprofit sector is a vital part of a caring community and also a large economic engine itself. We need a dedicated Non-Profit Center to help train nonprofit staff and leaders in best practices. Nonprofit sustainability after Covid-19 will be an issue. A well funded Nonprofit Center supporter by Mayor Levine Cava will be critical to the future of the Miami-Dade nonprofit sector. Other large Florida cities have a Nonprofit Center in Miami as an outcome of Thrive305.

Cleaning the community, increasing resources and under resourced areas, and combating the on-going gun violence.

No More Masks @Green_Gyant

love, peace, joy, encouragement and healthy vibrancy

Mayor Daniella and Xavier--I think that a thriving Miami-Dade County is one where residents display more kindness and courtesy to each other.

Making this beautiful county grow in a safer place to live, its going overboard with just letting anyone take over our great city.

Community! We need to build community and engage everyone to care for everyone and everything around them. Make a campaign and events that bring communities together. Have resources that available to ALL communities despite socioeconomic status. Bridge schools with community resources. Have counselors, social workers and community liaisons for EVERY school. A food pantry for every school and a parent liaison as well that can bridge the gap for parent resources. If all the resources combined to work together instead of individual identities! It would make a HUGE impact! Bring all residents to the table to feel invested in their community. When people feel like they are part of a group they are more likely to care for specific causes.

Mass transit and green space

How will Public safety in community of color, reduce gun violence?

Cheaper rent and more inclusive community.

As a mother of 7 living in miamidade hud houing . In the new liberty square apartments i feel that thier is alot that you all dont know that is going on in them . I feel as if we are left to fin for our self in this new environmet . Feelin g as if he can loss houing at anytime . Not knowing who to run to for help.

Miami Dade County Communities... 🦋We are Continuosly Thriving to be A Better Place for YOU & for ME and doing it with genuine L ❤ VE and RESPECT 😎✌ for one another . ("By The People💕 For The People"). - Ellaneese Love-Muhammad, MSW Public Servant, Change Agent (CAHSD Head Start) & Resident for over 47 years ! Change begins with me!🥰💝

A diverse, safe place where residents and tourists can enjoy all of the sights, bites, and sounds Miami has to offer

A place where a middle class still exists and where parents don't have to fear for their kids safety.

A rainbow coalition of people respectful of different cultures, beliefs, and practices, not just co-existing but thriving in peace and prosperity.

Vibrant, inclusive, modern, empathetic, thriving, full of color, diverse, magic, and love.

No express lanes on the palmetto.

Happy, working residents makes for a thriving Miami-Dade.

a tropical nature in harmony with modern society, promoting eco-friendly environment and our nature. Stop building toward the Everglads, or every square inch of urban area.

To me, thriving means a sense of community, where everyone lives, works and plays harmoniously. It's also working toward a common good, where there is a sense of civic pride and where everyone gives back in some small way.

Fresh air, bright sun and clean sand and ocean that is enjoyed by people from all over the world.

A thriving Miami-Dade County is one where EVERY child receives an exceptional education that includes learning about finances, saving money, investing, purchasing real estate. Immediate job placement upon graduating high school with stipulation they attend Miami Dade College for at least 2 years and take advantage of their American Dream Scholarship where ANY M-DCPS high school graduate can attend MDC for two years FREE! I ❤️ M-DC! Teri W. #Thrive305 #MadamMayor #DLC

Everybody doing well and sharing their kind goodness with each other in best health.

Sueño con un próspero Condado de Miami Dade donde todos vivamos en armonía respetandonos y cuidando unos de otros. Un Condado donde el tráfico no sea una pesadilla que obliga a cada residente adulto a manejar un auto para transportarse dentro de la ciudad y a respirar todos los gases tóxicos que se derivan de este abuso del derecho de transportación. Un Condado limpio y preocupado por la salud y la vivienda. Un Condado que cuida el desarrollo turístico, a la vez que provee trabajos dignos para sus habitantes. Un Condado que busque la excelencia en la educación de sus jovenes.Un Condado que construya puentes de diálogo y sea capaz de abrazar al que lo necesita.


"If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,        Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch, If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,     If all men count with you, but none too much; If you can fill the unforgiving minute     With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,        And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son! -- Rudyard Kipling"

Electricity, Vibrance, explosive nature art expression at its highest, exploring past the limits... a cosmic agenda a truly unique experience.

Thriving in the 305 is: The introduction of paper bags in all grocery stores. A glassdoor policy on educational funding and employment opportunities within Miami Dade County Public Schools. Required on-going educational and professional development training for police officers to include: effective customer service, de-escalation tactics, and a step-by-step protocol to be followed in all occurances known to man.

A thriving Miami-Dade County to me will be where every resident has one job with a livable wage that will cover food, rent and a yearly vacation.

A Miami Dade with multicultural arts in every side of Town, represents in every country has been emigrates to Miami Florida because that is the soul of this Town, the músic, the food and many lenguages speaking.

Reopening our vital and diverse arts community. Attending inspiring performances, innovative museum visits, fascinating art walks, exciting and fun outdoor festivals. Making Miami Memories with the ARTS.

Music and Dance - everywhere.

1) having the ability to live with out a car. 2) more parks closer to home 3) bike lanes 4) more diverse economy

Investing in diverse counselors, creative outlets, restorative justice, and gender&racial equity in schools. no more high stakes testing or funding violent police in schools. ALL Black people are given the dignity they deserve. Violence interrupters and social workers and diverse mental health professionals answering to 911 calls. No more scary police. All immigrants are treated equitably and celebrated. If you live in the county, you can vote in the county.

A thriving Miami Dade county means everyone can have an education that will allow them to get a job that will allow them to have a home and take care of their families. A thriving Miami Dade county means police actually fulfill their mission to protect and serve. There are homes and education and jobs for everyone who wants them.

A blossomist Miami Dade County full off colors and life.

It looks like a world with shared sacrifice and joy. It looks peaceful and just. where everyone has an opportunity to prosper without worrying about an uneven playing field. I look forward to a Miami Dade where police are respected and our citizens are equally respected by law enforcement. Businesses can thrive because the opportunity to succeed is spread evenly amongst our community. Children work and study to fill the needs of our community dedicating themselves not to themselves but to meeting our collective needs.

Like the rainbow, the multi-colors of our people are beautiful

An explosion of all that is coming together into one masterpiece. Interconnection, collaboration, harmony, manifestation, progress, unity.

Beautiful, inclusive and safe for everyone.

Happy, healthy, trusting residents! Hopeful and joyful, always willing to serve others, and assume that others are acting in good faith, or doing the best they can given their circumstances.


Accepted diversity in thoughts, ideas, and people

A miami filled with lively community events. A Miami-Dade that is often visited by tourists to enjoy our amazing beaches. A Miami am that wherever you look you see art both plastic and in the amazing architecture, bridges and structures all around our beautiful city. A miami that is chic, natural and lit!

Peace of mind that you can enjoy your county without worrying about being in a city and feel unsafe.

blossoming inventive disruptive

A thriving Miami-Dade County looks like a just county where ALL people including Black & Brown people have the same treatment and opportunities and respect by our law enforcements. Affordable housing for ALL.

A thriving Miami Dade County begins with an inclusive, equity focused school district. Most students in Miami Dade schools will become life long residents in Miami Dade County. Education in the "305" needs to focus on cultural capital (economics, heritage, true American history, social justice) so that students can contribute to and benefit from a robust economy. I am tired of Black Miamians surviving on the fringes of society here. Miami has a caste system that leaves those who built this county (Black Bahamians and other West Indians) on the bottom.

In a thriving Miami everyone has access to good and safe education, healthcare, and housing. Our public transportation is reliable and our police work to make people safer through social services connections, not violence. We are mitigating against climate change, not just reacting.

Through facing the future we rise up to confront its problems

A place that residents are proud to call home and to enjoy what our city has to offer without being "priced out" of a place to raise a family, afford groceries, health and other types of insurance. An end to the "Not in my backyard" mentality that somehow has become prevalent in Miami-Dade County. Don't overlook the "pioneer families", both black and white - their voices have not been heard over the years.

Equitable, healthy, and civically engaged communities that provide optimal life chances to all, and government, corporations, and health systems that operate with transparency and integrity.

A county in which all of its residents have a voice, a roof over their head, and adequate food supply, and an environment in which to enjoy our beautiful outdoors.

A thriving Miami Dade County looks like for me one that embraces culture, creativity, and personal preferences. A thriving Miami-Dade County should be an example to all the County’s, which recognizes people over politics that recognizes race as not being a factor for success.

Miami-Dade County are beaches, boats and sports year-round.

Healthy environment (clean water and air) and respect for natural resources, space built for pedestrians and public transportation (not cars), public natural areas along the coast. An equitable place for all people to thrive, where groups are not discriminated or marginalized. People-centric over powerful companies.

Regeneration of previously harmed places, environment and people. Bursting colorful sights, sounds, and smells that reflect the diversity of cultures and backgrounds. Multi-layered, life-supporting systems across the landscape with native flora, fauna, and humans seamlessly integrated with the urban and rural community and neighborhood fabric and bathing in shades of greens and blues in a world with more water (because of sea level rise).


Thrive 305 - We come together to build, rise, and flourish as one strong community.

- Continuous public dialogue / vote on important, urgent and routine matters and issues - Modern government inside and outside (true open door policies for taxpayers and for file-and-rank employees alike, frequent use of online surveys for residents and employees to ensure people speak their mind freely, and share their insights without fear of retaliation; modernize government administration and management policies to unlock the unused County staff energy, knowledge and ideas; Establish an effective succession planning program in all government departments to retain knowledge and seamless transition in county services - Young smiling faces mediating and participating in the public dialogue! - Smart use of technology to connect with residents and visitors of the County - Encourage the use of personal vehicles to travel for pleasure only, not to report to work every day! This will help with traffic and will save money.

Diverse. Colorful. Resplendent. Vibrant. Loud. Hush. Bright.

A diverse community of people enjoying outdoor spaces to exercise and spend time with family.

Multicultural, vibrant , full of wonderful opportunities and beautiful people.

Una ciudad que integra sus áreas verdes a la vida urbana, donde seres humanos de diversas culturas y etapas de la vida coexisten y contribuyen, donde el arte y la ciencia bailan a ritmo de salsa y son, donde el mar abrazado por manglares da la bienvenida al extranjero. Rosa Verdeja

A thoughtful growing vibrant city, with young business leaders, entrepreneurs and community partners. An expanding hub for tech and innovation, whilst preserving and enhancing our beautiful landscape and incredible waterways and beaches.

Publicly- funded training program to prepare the unskilled for gainful employment, affordable housing for all, gun control, safe streets, quality education for all children.

Manageable traffic, less crime, better schools

Nature. Healing. Thriving people and communities and economies are healthy. Beauty abounds. Goddesses protect.

Unity, respect, quality public education, health care for all, no poverty, less income inequality, equity, ethical leadership, high levels of community engagement, no corruption, safe communities.

Families are supportive of their children and agencies collaborate to make sure that children are emotionally, physically and spiritually fit.

Colorful and warm and bright and diverse.

Inclusive Vibrant Energetic United Empowered

United under one roof sharing a Cafecito with friends and family.

Breathing clean air, access to good public transportation, and safe neighborhoods where we all contribute our talents and treasures to make it better!

Hope...Esperanza...Espoir...Espwa...Hoffen...Ter Esperança

All denizens of our amazing neighborhoods educated...bookstores filled with employed folks of all generations.... less cars...more vibrant parks... cutting edge, homegrown companies and relocated corporate presence, who came here for awesome diverse talent from an amazing ecosystem of universities. And food, alotta great food.

A beehive

خونه ها زیر آب نباشند. رهبر ها عوضی نباشند. آدم‌ها فهمیده باشند. هدیه

More jobs, better wages and lower interest rates.

Vibrant, colorful, resilient, empowered, and culturally diverse!

SFL's population needs awareness of the unique and delicate aquifer tied to the Everglades. Most places at our latitude are deserts but our oolitic limestone and the River of Grass created a supply of artesian water that we must protect to thrive.

One that is vibrant, inclusive, tolerant, caring, supportive, kind, loving, fun, welcoming, and family friendly and child centered for our future generations. It has an abundance of clean water with fish and dolphins in Biscayne Bay, clean air with birds flying in open and green spaces between our skyscrapers. It has good jobs for all of its residents and good early childhood educational opportunities for ALL children. It includes an end to homelessness, drug usage and violence. It involves families and neighbors lending a helping hand to each other. It encourages everyone to express themselves and bridge gaps/connect to each other through shared art, music, food and language.

Equal and abundant opportunity to play, grow, learn, contribute and enjoy for people of all ages and abilities.

A thriving Miami-Dade is one where everyone is housed in affordable, comfortable homes. Where we have income equality. Where we are rooted in racial justice and Black liberation is centered. Where we implement alternatives to incarceration. Where we have innovative solutions for the climate crisis. Where we are interconnected through transit, culture. Where residents are heard and accessibly engaged. A thriving Miami-Dade is one where everyone has their needs met and their future invested in.

A thriving Miami-Dade County has global diversity, economic opportunity, and sustainability integrated into all aspects of life. To thrive is to flourish and with healthy doses of love, kindness, and care for one's community, we can ensure Miami-Dade thrives far into the future and provides the necessary resources to future generations. This will allow them to enjoy an increased quality of life and a more sustainable lifestyle than we have today.

A thriving Miami-Dade is a place of Compassion. Generosity. Everyone matters, here. No need to step over your neighbors sleeping on sidewalks. Everyone has the basics. No one parts with their dignity. Our young people? They smile wide, bright-eyed, ready for the future. No more blood spilled on these streets. This thriving place doesn't exist today. We've messed up, bad! But there’s still time. We can yet thrive. Lock your arms with mine. Let’s step into possibility. May it be...

A thriving Dade County looks to me like a sustainable green city: full of mangroves in our coastlines, a restored Everglades and Biscayne bay, in an equitable, accessible, and inclusive community for all.

One that all Miamians can take part in. We must make a Miami that all can thrive in.

A thriving Miami-Dade is a place of Compassion. Generosity. Everyone matters, here. No need to step over your neighbors sleeping on sidewalks. Everyone has the basics. No one parts with their dignity. Our young people? They smile wide, bright-eyed, ready for the future. No more blood spilled on these streets. This thriving place doesn't exist today. We've messed up, bad! But there’s still time. We can yet thrive. Lock your arms with mine. Let’s step into possibility. May it be...

A thriving Miami is seen as a city with affordable housing that a raised minimum wage could contribute too, it's a view of different cultures blending and working together on issues that serve all ethnicities to create a true and beautiful Miami, Magic City.

Miami-Dade County will thrive when its colors are amplified: the diversity and success of peoples of color, the colors of the nature reflect a strong ecosystem, and the colors of architecture reflect the creativity of the community.


Bright Vibrant Inclusive Accepting Powerful Safe Wonder Musical Movement

Family Oriented, Inclusive, Affordable, Efficient, Ethical

A thriving Miami-Dade County looks like a community where all stakeholders are welcomed and represented, regardless of where you came from, we are all part of what makes Miami-Dade such a unique community.

Every resident, like the salmon, has the strength, fins, gills and access to water to swim upstream like every other salmon.

Θα ήθελα το miami να πρωτοπορήσει στης τέχνες και στην εκπαίδευση. Επίσης τα πανεπιστήμια της πόλης να ασχοληθούν στο να βρουν λύσεις στα προβλήματα που δημιουργεί η κλιματική αλλαγή.

Thrive Mia, means 305 is in this together. time to heal, pivot, own a home, a business, find a better job, to be part of the success story. Show everyday, the good side of you. Once you reach success, give and teach others and don't be affraid. Let's thrive 305, together and show others they can do the same. 1 person a time. Dale, we can do it.

Thriving Miami-Dade looks like an affordable community for young families and young professionals to own a home in a safe neighborhood, a safe community that is not judge on how you look, an openness to diversity, change with law enforcement as it relates to treatment of citizens. A community where I can raise my kids and build fond memories.

luscious palm trees, protected ecosystems, endless nature, a balance between development and the natural landscape

Thriving Miami-Dade County is the opportunity that have all citizens in the Miami-Dade to be engaged in all news activities and new projects. Have an opinion and be part of the good things to have a better County in all kind of functions such as safety, new family entertainment projects, new small business collaboration, review and have accountability of the fraud inside the County, etc. It is a great idea.... Good way to go Mrs. Daniella . Thank you this opportunity.

A thriving Miami Dade County would look like to me as going through communities and not seeing homeless living and degrading the communities growth. All communities re-build with decent living homes, not just the fortunate. Offering the best education and programs to build children to become future leaders and continue building our County. Playing with one another of all cultures, with access to each others community, parks, programs, etc., feeling safe and welcomed. Advanced Unlimited Transportation in connecting us all, and have access to what each community has to offer. All businesses thriving, proving decent living wages and growth, so we all can continue to build our Community call HOME.

Collaboration, Happiness, Quality of Life, Family, God centered

colorfully musical

Everyone is allowed to freely pursue freedom and economic opportunities.

Mixed income inclusion


a kaleidoscope of colors

Clean with tree canopy. Comfortable housing for all and decent paying jobs.

A thriving Miami-Dade County (and state and nation and world) is a region where the human population is informed, engaged, and committed to a return to the healthy values of harmony with nature and with one another, where the "economy" is understood to be something more than dollars, but rather intelligent land use with a vision of the best ways to make the best use of the natural and human resources at our disposal to benefit the neediest (not the greediest) as the beginning of benefiting us all.

I want my Miami-Dade Community to be known as a caring, friendly place to live. One that celebrates our diversity as a strength and looks for all our citizens to engage with our government to build our future.

Diverse humans and native biodiversity are thriving together in the Miami melting pot. The beaches, mangrove forests, Biscayne Bay and Florida Reef are healthy because of strong government action to protect the environment and engaged businesses and citizens. Businesses, governments and schools run on 100% clean energy and no single use plastics. People are supporting local businesses and local artists. Healthy food, affordable housing and meaningful jobs are available to everyone.

Surviving the Vicissitudes of Life through Love of Neighbors and Community, Cultivating Strength and Resiliency

A thriving Miami-Dade County should be reflective of all citizens and provide a platform for open and honest communication. The platform must include various strategies to address facets that will address systemic changes. For example, no one imagined we would have to adapt and rethink how to work during the 2020 COVID-Pandemic. The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced many municipalities and businesses to rethink how they deliver services for all citizen's. It has even caused businesses, educational systems, health care organizations, etc., to think outside the box and provide resources necessary for employees to be productive. Therefore, flexibility and forecasting that will address the likelyhood of of similar short or long-term occurrences of a similar nature, requires visionary thinking that addresses all facets of the community; day-care, virtual education, working remotely.

Flexible... work is not tied to time or place.

Miami-Dade succeeding as one community.

A vibrant community that overcame the pandemic and came out on top.

A thriving Miami-Dade County is one where every resident has access to opportunities, feels comfortable to be their authentic self and feels like s/he is essential to our community's success. A community where all children have access to quality education; where parents can provide for their families and save for a rainy day as well as their future; where we respect all's unique self and celebrate our differences realizing our strength lies in coming together for the greater good.

Thriving Miami Dade is the project that engages with the community in a conversation to ensure that families and local business in the community a have a voice in the county government.

Importance of Community and Small Business help and to hear their voice to also let them know they are important in our community.

Familias unidas, sociedad estable. Crear proyectos con enfoque a fortalecer la familia. Fortaleciendo los pequeños negocios. Abrir flea markets para generar fuentes de trabajo a las familias y a su vez que hallan juegos de distracción a donde los niños y jóvenes se puedan distraer de una manera sana. Sin ventas de bebidas alcohólicas.

Clean with lots of tree canopy, people out and about being civil to one another. Decent paying jobs and decent housing. Respect for history and art.

We combine our housing, transit and pollution crises into intersectional solutions. Does this mean zero waste treehouses on wheels for everyone? Maybe! Redevelopment of underutilized retail spaces for live-work and reimagining car/bike/pedestrian real estate equitably? Definitely!

A thriving Miami is a place where people of all ages of diverse backgrounds can co-exist in a respectful and friendly city where the words "good morning" and "good day" are commonly used. It is a city that values the contributions of all citizens and honors its older adults through policies and actions that foster a safety net for housing, food and employment opportunities for people age 55 plus. A thriving Miami is one that models great cities with good transportation and bus shelters in all parts of the city especially in high transit areas like 107th Ave between NW 12 -14 Streets where they have been missing for years. A thriving Miami makes sure that affordable housing is available so our young professionals don't to move to Broward and far places. A thriving Miami plants trees in every community to provide shade, improve oxygen and clean air. To thrive, it must protect the Everglades against powerful interest groups. A thriving Miami will reduce plastic use of shopping bags and encourage recycling. No city can thrive without music, art and dance in public places to foster socialization and community engagement where musician can access free spaces to perform outdoors. Increase band shelters and dancing spaces in parks and schedule time for active older adults to gather. A Thriving Miami needs higher paying jobs, greater access to public jobs, private sector jobs and a strong small business community. A Thriving Miami celebrates culture and diversity and provides a strong educational system where teenagers can explore career paths and understand how to achieve their goals. Our public schools must provide more hands-on-learning going beyond virtual sit-downs. Reduce regulations, fees to encourage business growth and provide micro-enterprise supports. If the rent is slightly lower in poorer neighborhoods than in middle class or affluent neighborhoods, it means that investors are monopolizing and home ownership is falling behind. Don't let this happen in Miami.

The Sea Of Grass, the Pine Rockland, the beaches and all the mangrove forests teeming with life. the rich, biodiversity we are blessed to have, equally matched by our cultural and social diversity is what gives us our profound strength as a county. My native home that I love so dearly has its sight set not only on new business and financial frontiers but still cherishes and preserves the unique natural landscape.

A place where families values are encouraged. God, family, country, flag. Lots of parks, safe places for kids, small government, low taxes, reliable transportation, business friendly (low taxes).

One city, one people, one commitment, one environment (equals) ONE LOVE

Sidewalks, streets, buildings and transportation designed using inclusive design principles, allowing people with disabilities to participate fully in all aspects of life, alongside non-disabled people.

Positively Serendipity

A community that is safe for children (without having to worry about being shot, hit by a car, or loosing your house). A community that allows all children to grow up and be healthy and safe - not a community that fails to educate or provide opportunities so many.

Diverse group of people enjoying life together as one at festivals, fairs, markets, parks, beaches and the like without the hate, without biases, without fear, without crime. We the People in the pursuit of happiness, love and joy, celebrating life!

A thriving Miami-Dade County looks like a clean, active community, with residents using public spaces such as parks, dog parks and community centers. No litter, no dumping. Only green grass, beautiful clean beaches and flowers planted in all swales and public right-of-ways.... Beauty, Cleanliness, and Activism make for a thriving community.

For me a thriving Miami-Dade County should look like a safe, clean and affordable County, free of crime, pollution and racism, where all residents have equal opportunity to prosper and build a legacy future generations.

A clean and safe Miami Dade County.

Supporting one another

Thriving in this community is our ability to amicably co-exist with everyone regardless of color, creed, gender, socio-economic status, preferences, or anything else. Instead, finding the happy medium that depicts Miami Dade County as an inclusive, cohesive and happy place to call home!

Fast, Safe, and Efficient movement of People and Goods to build a thriving economy with opportunities for ALL.


A collaborative vibrant community!

Less litter and more respect for our environment, buildings, and people.

A vibrant, forward looking community that is proud of its diverse heritage, fair and responsible to its inhabitants, adaptive and resilient to new realities and norms.

The center of entertainment, trade, culture and beautiful neighborhoods.

Connected, joyful, compassionate, wise, inclusive, creative, diverse, forward-thinking, agile, adaptive, respectful, resourceful, just, and centered in a circular economy - everyone thrives in Miami-Dade County

An equitable and inclusive Miami

A Miami-Dade County that has stopped the brain-drain and retains its talent, that has resolved major concerns with sea level rise, one open to local and global opportunities for its citizens

A resilient place for healthy living and enjoying physical and mental well-being through movement, access to quality healthcare and prevention, outdoor recreation, sky-gazing, nutritious meals shared with LOVE, embracing new challenges and goals, nurturing creativity, living to learn and learning to live, fostering a love of learning and belonging, cherishing caregivers and first-responders, spreading gratitude, respecting ecosystems and connecting with nature, contributing to others’ well-being and progress, and feeling safe, protected, and valued.