The Incorporators: 1896

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2005 The IncorporatorsXavier Cortada, The Incorporators: 1896, 96” x 78”, acrylic on canvas, 2005

“The Incorporators: 1896” depicts city founders Julia Tuttle and Henry Flagler surrounded by the incorporators and images of Miami’s birth:  Flagler’s railroad and its workers, the orange blossoms Julia Tuttle sent Flagler to persuade him to bring the railroad to frost-proof South Florida, and the old pool hall where 368 men –many of them from the black community – voted to create the City of Miami on July 28th, 1896.  The setting is Biscayne Bay with mangrove roots serving as a metaphor for the community they built and settled.  In the background, an ephemeral skyline begins to emerge from the clouds.  Their work is the precursor to building our magic city.