“Epoch” exhibit at Pinecrest Gardens

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You are cordially invited to


a solo show by

Xavier Cortada


Hibiscus Gallery
Pinecrest Gardens
11000 S. Red Road
Pinecrest, FL 33156

Meet the artist at the exhibit opening on November 30th, 2017 at 7pm.

Exhibit runs through January 14th, 2018


With half of Earth’s species now facing the risk of extinction, Xavier Cortada’s EPOCH exhibition examines life forms from the past 540 million years and invites the viewer to ponder what future life forms may look like on Planet Earth. This is a relevant conversation, since our species has a huge role in determining the outcome. Indeed, we are the cause of the Sixth Mass Extinction currently underway.

A decade ago, Cortada launched his Endangered World project at the South Pole to bring awareness to the plights of endangered species at every point in the world above.  The project has addressed global biodiversity loss through art installations at the South Pole (2007), North Pole (2008), Holland (2009) and Biscayne National Park (2010) and through online participatory art projects (www.endangeredworld.org).

Epoch runs November 30th, 2017 through January 14th, 2018

Learn more at www.cortada.com/event/2017/epoch