Torrid Flora exhibit at Pinecrest Gardens

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Torrid Flora_Invitation

Torrid Flora, features artwork by Jennifer Basile, Xavier Cortada, Sarah Henderson, Deborah Mitchell and Tina Salvesen which look beyond the blue skies and palm trees of our tropical surroundings.  As climate change and global warming are felt with the change of each season, Torrid Flora revisits Aristotle’s Torrid Zone assessments and presents a hauntingly view of its lush vegetation and plant life. Being the first to study the world’s climate, Aristotle divided it into three zones: Frigid, Temperate and Torrid. The Torrid Zone was deemed by the philosopher as uninhabitable, with weather conditions too hot for life. It is the nearest to the equator, reaching from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn. Miami stands just above the line of Aristotle’s simple classification, but its tropical conditions are evident. With the rising temperatures, are we headed in the direction in which he so long predicted?

Xavier Cortada, "Flora (sin titulo)," 36" x 27", archival ink on aluminum (edition of 5), 2015.

Xavier Cortada, “Flora (sin titulo),” 36″ x 27″, archival ink on aluminum (edition of 5), 2015.