“Land of the Free:” On Independence Day join Xavier Cortada in reading the US Constitution at the Homestead Migrant Center


Land of the Free


Xavier Cortada

with the participation of community members who want to join him in
reading the U.S. Constitution in its entirety aloud

Independence Day
Thursday, July 4th, 2019

Migrant Detention Center
920 Bougainville Blvd
Homestead, FL 33039









Oath was a performative piece Cortada performed on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, at at the Miami Light Project (www.miamilightproject.com)  Through the work, Cortada brought citizens together towards a common purpose to uphold our Constitution. As part of Cortada’s performance, Former US Attorney Marcos Jimenez administered this Oath to all those present at noon (the exact time that the President-Elect took office):

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute my role as ‪#Citizen of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, ‪#preserve, ‪#protect and ‪#defend the ‪#Constitution of the United States.

Reading of the US Constitution
Individuals gathered to simultaneously read the United States Constitution out loud in English, in Spanish, and in Haitian Creole.

Oath served to launch Culture of Resistance,” a 48-month, socially-engaged performance project by Xavier Cortada.


“Florida is… Wildflowers” at Miami Children’s Museum


Miami artist Xavier Cortada will lead children in creating a participatory eco-art project in support of the pollinators.  Inspired by his FLOR500 project (www.flor500.com), kids at the Miami Children Museum will work collaboratively to create a large art piece of a native wildflower.  They will then take wildflower seeds and place them in envelopes.  Visitors will be invited to take a piece of the flower drawing home if they promise to plant the wildflower seeds in their garden.   “Each of us has a role in helping shape Florida’s natural history,” said Cortada.  “We can help reclaim nature, one yard at a time, by planting wildflower gardens to support our pollinators.”  Cortada hopes his art piece will help educate individuals about the importance of Florida’s ecosystems and encourage better environmental stewardship.

Wildflowers, with help of their pollinators, help make Earth verdant:  Plant life sustains all animals (including humans) and balance atmospheric gases (that accelerate global climate change). Wildflowers would naturally continue to blanket our planet were it not for the displacement caused by the concrete we’ve poured ‐‐ and the parcels we’ve platted ‐‐ to build our homes and grow our society. Help reverse the trend:  Show us your wild side. Plant wildflowers in your yard.”
— Xavier Cortada

About the Artist: 

Xavier Cortada serves as Artist-in-Residence at FIU School of Environment, Arts and Society | College of Arts, Science & Education and the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts.

Cortada often engages scientists in his art-making: At CERN, Cortada and a particle physicist created a permanent digital-art piece to celebrate the Higgs boson discovery. He has collaborated with a population geneticist to explore our ancestral journeys out of Africa 60,000-years ago, with a molecular biologist to synthesize a DNA strand from a sequence 400 museum visitors randomly generated, and with botanists to develop multi-year participatory eco-art efforts to reforest mangrovesnative trees and wildflowers across Florida.

The Miami artist has created environmental installations (North Pole and South Pole) and eco-art (TaiwanHawaii and Hollandprojects, and painted community murals addressing peace (Cyprus and Northern Ireland), child welfare  (Bolivia and Panama), AIDS (Switzerland and South Africa) and juvenile justice (Miami and Philadelphia) concerns.

Fore more info visit https://cortada.com

2016 Art of Found Objects Exhibition — Awards Emcee

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FIU College of Arts & Sciences School of Environment, Art and Society (SEAS) and College of Architecture + The Arts (CARTA) Artist-in-Residence Xavier Cortada will serve as emcee of the 2016 Art of Found Objects Exhibition.

For 22 years, as a part of their commitment to the community and its children, Ocean Bank and The Education Fund have sponsored an art exhibit for the children in Miami-Dade public schools. The art exhibit combines the power of a child’s imagination with the ultimate recycling program, giving kids the opportunity to use everyday objects “found” in the 11,000-sq.-foot Ocean Bank Center warehouse to design and create original works of art.

Imaginative student art work combines traditional sculptures, mixed media, 3-D pieces and a large number of paintings and drawings crafted from every recycled material imaginable from milk jugs and coat hangers to scrap metal, Styrofoam, and other surplus supplies donated by generous South Florida companies to the Ocean Bank Center, where more than 18,370 teachers have shopped for free since 1993.

2016 Art of Found Objects Exhibition Details

Where: Ocean Bank Lobby, 780 NW 42nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33126

(Free self-parking is available in the garage behind Ocean Bank.)

When: 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 14

For more info contact:
Stacey de la Grana
Ocean Bank Center Director | The Education Fund
6713 Main Street | Suite 240 | Miami Lakes, FL 33014
P. 305-558-4544 ext. 107 | F. 305-558-4964 | W. www.educationfund.org