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The Corona Virus has impacted the way in which I interact with others. It has had a tremendous impact on my education and the way I learn. It has shown me the capabilities of human adaptation and how we can truly adapt to new, unforeseen circumstances. It has accentuated the fact that I am privileged, blessed beyond measure to be able to continue to go to school, to have the support of my family, to afford what is necessary for preventative measures. This pandemic has given me the motivation to continue my studies in order to gain knowledge in how I can better provide and help those affected by more disasters in the future.

The impacts that COVID has had on our earth has affected everyone is very different ways. I have personally felt that there has been a burden on my life mostly in the social aspect. I have seen a decrease in my willingness to go outside and to interact with more people than I used to. Also with school it has become more difficult to stay focused in classes and stay engaged with professors, but we are all trying our best. I have also noticed the impacts that this has had on our society, in times that it has brought us together and also torn us apart. There were economic crashes and families suffering, but there also have been moments of seeing new life in areas where wild life has not been seen. This is something that is at least positive coming from the pandemic.

Coronavirus has impacted my family. I was at college luckily when my little brother tested positive for COVID-19. He had to quarantine for 2 weeks and my parents also had to quarantine for 2 weeks because they came in close contact with him. Thankfully my parents never tested positive and my brother was fine. Unfortunately during this two week period my grandfather got sick and had to go to the hospital. Since my family was in quarantine, none of them could visit my grandfather in the hospital.

COVID-19 has impacted my life in a few ways. First, the pandemic prevented my parents from seeing their child walk across the graduation stage. The pandemic also impacted my family financially as there were no financial earnings for a few months. With that being said, I am eternally grateful for the fact that coronavirus has not compromised the health of my family and friends.

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a profound effect on my personal sense of control over the world. I've witnessed my close relatives become sick and not know if they would recover or end up in the hospital. In addition, I'm fearful for my high-risk relatives, since it is a question every day about whether they will fall ill. It is definitely tough not being able to see my older relatives, since I want to cherish my time with them. While we've found other ways to connect like through zoom or phone calls, it doesn't feel the same as gathering in a living room or sharing a meal at the dinner table. While I've come to accept it now, a lot of things I was looking forward to were cancelled, such as my graduation or prom. I understand why and agree with the decisions to cancel these events in the name of public health, but I can't help feeling sad about missing these moments.

Corona has impacted my family causing hardships and bringing us to ask ourselves questions that we haven't had to ask before. While this time has been tough, it has also allowed me to get closer to my family, both immediate and extended, by allowing me to spend more time with them. I was able to move in with my grandparents this summer to work at a law firm and form deeper bonds with my cousins who I use to see only twice a year.

This pandemic has affected my daily life very much. Usually, my summers would be filled with hanging out with friends and beaches, but after the pandemic began, I had to adopt a new lifestyle in order to protect myself and those around me. This summer has also been particularly difficult as one of my loved ones passed in March, making it very hard on my family, especially my grandmother. I hope the pandemic passes soon as I hope to finish my senior year of college in a fun and educational manner.

Ever since the U.S decided to close their borders there has been a lot of stress energy in the world and around me. I was forced to come back to the U.S with a 3 day notice before I wasn't allowed in the country. Me and many other international students are either back home wondering if they can ever come back or wondering whether they'll be able to see their family.

The way COVID-19 impacted me is that I am not able to train (tennis) for months.

Isolation, Alone, Stressed, Overwhelmed, Unsupported, Challenged, Disheartened, Uncertain, Anxious, Questioning humanity, Humbled, Protective, Nervous, Afraid, Insomnia, Mothering, Creative, Unmotivated, Wanting normalcy, Desire for change, Optimistic, Rage, Reset, Meditating, Longing, Dreaming, Connections, Nature, Hope, Dispair.

Because of coronavirus, my papa's business had to close for some time. He runs a small dental office in San Francisco. He works as a dentist there and manages the business. When the office had to close, we were not making any money. We couldn't afford to pay our mortgage, so we were all pretty stressed. Especially my papa. We didn't know if and when the office would be able to open again, or if we would even be able to keep the business, which was our entire income. Luckily, the business gets to be open now with lots of new regulations and precautions that my papa has been working hard to make work, but goes through a lot of stress now because of people who do not wish to follow the guidelines, such as filling out a form before their appointment to show they've been tested for corona, wearing masks into the waiting room, and sanitizing or washing their hands before entry. The people who refuse to follow the regulations in his office are often wealthy patients who say things like, "Oh, I don't need to do this. Trust me, I'm fine." They don't understand the risks that they are putting not only on themselves, but to the people around them and my papa's business because the virus perhaps hasn't affected them in ways that it has affected many many others. I wish people would put more effort into educating themselves about why they need to take these safety precautions to make everyone around them safer.

Covid-19 has impacted me because I can't live the "normal" life that I used to have. I used to go out with my friends every weekend and now that's turned into not seeing them for months due to covid. School was cut short during one of what I like to think was one of the best years. In addition, the majority of my family was left unemployed because the majority of the city shut down. A lot of my friends and significant others have been affected by Covid which is scary because you never know how severe it can get. I think that people should wear their masks, social distance, or even stay home if possible. Numbers are rising daily and there is a constant disregard for the "rules" that should be followed because people think that it somehow doesn't apply to them.

This virus has weighed heavily on me and my community. I don’t get to see my family as much as I used to and I am not sure that I will be able to fully experience my Senior year in high school. However, these problems are incomparable to those who have suffered truly from this virus and have lost their lives or have lost someone close to them. I wish that more people, especially In south Florida, would take this virus seriously and to stop being selfish and realize that this thing affects all of us and it’s up to us to take precautions to keep ourselves and our community safe.

Family for me is everything. Summer is when I get to spend almost every week with my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. I get to have a break from academics and future planning and get to live in the now with all of the people I love. COVID-19 has taken that from me. I didn't get to go to Texas this year and visit my dad's side of the family. I was supposed to go to a wedding. I was going to go on college trips to get a better grasp on my future. I was supposed to go to a concert for the first time. I was supposed to goof off with my cousins that I haven't seen in a long time. That was all canceled or postponed; not sure when they will come back. Summer for me isn't what I imagined at all; however, I think we can still take action to make the coming months better for everyone. Wearing masks, self-quarantining when you don't feel well, limiting public exposure, and washing your hands. Adaptability is survivability. If I can do it, I believe everybody can.

It's alarming how quickly this pandemic evolved ever since the beginning, right in front of our eyes. From the first positive person to the contraction of hundreds of thousands, from the death of one person to the death of thousands. COVID-19 has been prevalent in society and is growing without any care of what it takes. For instance, it has taken away the school years of many, the lives of thousands, and so much more. From our academics to our sports, everything has been effected. Its sad to see how most people, even with the numbers and data of COVID, are STILL not taking the proper and effective measures of staying safe and taking proper care of themselves.

While finishing my junior year of high school I was told that my Grandmother had Covid-19. It was a scary moment for me because I thought I would lose her. I've been blessed to grow up with all of my grandparents and the thought of losing any of them is terrifying to think of. I wish people would be more considerate of other people and stop being selfish for their own reasons. A couple of minutes or hours of fun isn't worth your own or someone else's life.

The coronavirus has evidently affected everyone in this world, especially in Miami, Florida. We live in a stubborn community where many do not like to abide by the rules, putting us in more harm. Education has taken a pause, along with many daily life activities. As a high school student, schools not being in session has taken a toll on every student's education, as it has become increasingly difficult to learn at home. In Florida, where many do not like to follow the rules, the only feasible solution would be to make masks mandatory for all and to initiate another lockdown where everyone should remain home until it is safe to go out.

During these difficult times I’ve heard from friends that their parents have passed away and their entire families have become infected with the virus. My family in Italy hasn’t been able to return and it terrifies me to see the videos on the media showing how different countries approach tackling the virus. I’m scared to go outside and see my friends and family yet that’s the only reoccurring thought in my mind. Seeing people advocate and start movements and even le suits against wearing masks disappointments me greatly because this is for our well being yet people seem to not understand the severity of the circumstances were under. I have a heart condition which makes me vulnerable and more susceptible to becoming sick, I’ve had to stay in Naples far away from my own family so I wouldn’t risk getting sick. Today is my first day back and I’m still scared of hugging my mom. This is what my last two years of adolescence has become.

Coronavirus has stopped the end of my junior year, senior summer, and likely my senior year. I have lost competitions, trips, camps, and plans with friends. However, I know I am fortunate compared to others it has ravaged and killed. I wish young people would realize even if they don’t die, their health will suffer and their lifespans will shorten. I wish people would wear masks everywhere they go because that can neuter the spread in 6 weeks.

I am back home in Atlanta from college at UM. My classes are online which has been difficult. Some teachers are definitely adapting better than others. I had been planning some events all year that have been canceled. I didn't get to say goodbye to my friends who were graduating. I'm just a freshmen so I missed a lot of firsts that hadn't come yet in the school year like baseball and other UM traditions. I didn't get to vote for the first time because I registered with school in Florida but was at home in Georgia after the dorms closed and had missed the deadline to apply for an absentee ballot. Overall, theres just been a lot of loss and everyone is in crisis mode so we don't have the time or space to grieve. And there is more moss to come. My father's office is starting lay offs in a few weeks and my summer job is giving me a final decision on if it is going to happen in a week.

My summer was supposed to be occupied by a paid legal internship at a competitive company, but the program was cancelled due to the coronavirus. I was able to get other work as a bartender, however I made significantly less than I would have in past years due to lowered capacities in restaurants. Although there are still many opportunities available online, I was really looking forward to an in-person experience and making the face-to-face connections that are so crucial in moving forward. Because of this, I feel as though I am falling behind my peers and am greatly concerned to have little to no professional work experience as I prepare to exit college and enter the workforce.

Over the summer, I caught the coronavirus from a gathering at Topgolf with a group of friends. Myself and almost everyone wore their mask the entire time, except for one person. Somehow, four of us caught it, and whoever passed it on didn't want to share. I went to work with the virus showing mild symptoms, because I didn't know others were testing positive. I forced my work to be shut down while everyone was tested and the space was cleaned. I passed it on to a family member and my girlfriend, forcing them to isolate until they too stopped showing symptoms. I was on my way to a family gathering and nearly passed it on to my grandparents, if I hadn't been informed of my positive result. Even after my symptoms cleared and I tested negative, I had trouble respirating, and even today, I feel as my sense of taste has been dulled because of it. Since then, our school has implemented many changes to daily life, including forcing classes to be conducted online and limiting in-person events. While I have no problem helping to stop the spread, I just want this pandemic to be over, so things can go back to normal, and I can see my family and friends again.

It has shown me that people can work together for a greater cause but has also shown that there are others who are non compliant and ignorant to it's impact on the world. However, despite those instances, I think there are a greater number of people that are respectful and willing to help one another. I saw that a lot when I still worked at a grocery store over the summer.

Attending the University of Miami this semester has been so different compared to previous year. While I was home at the end of the Spring semester and over the summer, I was able to be safe with my family and not really see too many people, but coming back to school it became harder to see people. Many of my friends got tired to being cooped up and started to go out and do things as Florida and Miami began to open up more. There goes by weeks where I do not see anyone beside my roommate because the people I normally see do not follow guidelines and I refuse to see them before they get negative COVID test results. As a very social person, this is something so hard for me as I do not want to participate in events where the virus can be spread easily, but I continue to stay home in my apartment and only leave for groceries and my one in person class on campus. This experience has lead me to wanting to return home before the semester has ended, but I am pushing to stay until the end. Although I know I will most likely not be affected to harshly by the virus, I still do not want to get it, and it is hard to live in an environment where you can not control even the place you live in.

Coronavirus has impacted my job a lot. Working in sports has drastically changed in various ways. I never thought I'd be working a 12-hour football game day while wearing a mask for all but one hour. It has brought us to find new ways to handle our everyday responsibilities regarding football equipment in a safer way for everyone. Not only do we have to adhere to "bubble" rules but we now have everyday precautious procedures that are essentially second nature now.

Corona virus has made me stay inside a lot more than I usually do. Ive been taking summer classes so Ive been spending a ton of tie on my computer. The main bummer about corona for me is that my sister is pregnant and she lives in another state. I was supposed to go with my family to be there after she gives birth but the quarantine laws wont allow us to see her.

Because of the coronavirus, I have not been able to do simple things like go to the grocery store or hang out on a friend's porch without making extreme preparations. My father, who I live with, has a lung condition that makes him extremely at risk for the virus. This means that even if cases are going down and other people are not social distancing anymore, I still have to act like it is March. My plans to get a job and save up money before my second year of college have also fallen through because of this. I hope that this pandemic will make people more considerate of people they don't know, and realize that they do not know the situation of the people they see walking down the street.

Like most things, the coronoavirus is not a one-dimensional issue and it has had both positive and negative effects. Personally, it has expanded my ability to work from home and also brought my family back to basics. It has made many people, including myself, reassess the priorities in their life.

Coronavirus, moreso than anything, has been mentally exhausting. I feel as though it's illuminated parts of our culture that have been toxic but somehow hidden - up until this pandemic, they've slipped between the cracks as people haven't wanted to acknowledge them. However, now it's as though we've put a magnifying glass to them and we are forced to stare at the ugliness that we as humans put other humans through. In addition, I've felt overwhelmed sorting through different narratives to find ones that I trust, let alone resonate with. I've read tens of articles and watched tens of videos on everything from conspiracy theories to lobbyist groups' perspectives to trump himself to anything in between. I've been having trouble figuring out how to show up for it.

Coronavirus has impacted my daily day life and has made me fear for my life every time I walk out the door. My mom's a nurse and my sister is a soon to be nurse too. I fear for their lives and mine as well. Living in Florida, also known as the red zone scares me. I wish there could be more done in my state to help reduce these cases and death levels due to COVID-19. Maybe if our governor would do a proper lock-down and take curfews more seriously. If mask were obligated by all and that leaving your house is for emergency reasons only. I'm only 17 years old and I understand a change needs to be made! But my question is when will these actions be made. Today 1,246 people died in my Dade county. How many more deaths will it take to realize that our economy shouldn't be the first thought in our mind, but HEALTH is what it should be.

Initially coronavirus was seemed an ocean away, and now it is hitting home for people all over the world. Some individuals do not or cannot understand the gravity of the situation until they know someone with coronavirus or it has threatened someone they care for. It is unfortunate and unimaginable loosing someone to this preventable virus and it is disappointing the way that individuals politicize this situation for personal gain. The simple act of wearing a mask and washing your hands something that is simple and easy and can save the life of thousands of people and there are people out there who just for the fun of it argue with it and refuse to do it just to spite another party or have a sense of rebellion. I believe it is important however to look at the positive side of it as well and have faith that one day the world will come back and be stronger and more appreciative of life and health in general. While this message may not be seen by millions of people and it may not be the thing that changes the world, I feel that there is some peace to see that other people hear you and share your concerns and are just as determined as you are to end this crisis.

Coronavirus has really affected me in many ways. Covid-19 has prohibited my sports' seasons, junior year, and summer. I am grateful to have not obtained Covid and grateful to never catch Covid, as well as my family, in JESUS name. I am also grateful about the time I was given to reflect, improve, and progress. Let's battle Covid together, wash your hands, wear masks, and practice social distancing. LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER!

I am one of the lucky ones, no one in my family has gotten sick or laid off so there was not much change. Corona ruined flag football season, and will most likely affect xc season and soccer season. There are many student athletes that are depending on sports to help them to get a college scholarship. I wish others would be more considerate and stay home especially since Florida is literally the epicenter and because Corona has proven to be a deadly disease. If they do go out, they should follow all guidelines and rules and more importantly, wear a mask.

Hello, my name is London Francis. I am a rising junior at Ridgeview High School in Jacksonville. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has greatly impacted my life in Florida. My grandmother has moved in with me since March, and my father has moved away from Tampa and into Washington, D.C. My school was cancelled for the rest of the year, and all of my AP tests were taken right here on my computer for only 45 minutes each. I haven't been able to practice my sports with other teammates because everything is so uncertain and indefinite. Living in one of the biggest cities in the country has also made our counties very unsafe. People have been rallying against wearing masks and other PPE, as well as social distancing. This has made my city very dangerous to others, and it just shows how reckless and selfish others can be regardless of how serious the situation is. I wish that more adults realized how dire the Coronavirus is to others. Although people may have the right to not wear masks, what they're doing is essentially affecting themselves and those around them. Even the little things such as washing your hands and keeping your distance can go a long way.

Hello my name is Leandra Mendoza, I live in cypress texas. I just graduated this last Friday so a lot of lasts were taken. I think that the people who are using the saying "my body my choice" don't understand the meaning. To wear a mask is not only protecting you bur it's also out of respect for others. To not wear a mask is disrespect for others. So be wise and respectful, wear a mask.

My name is Elias Barcena. I am an incoming junior at Coral Reef. Like everyone, this situation has affected me in a rapid way, as the changes from this situation struck very quickly. This virus has caused many things to change around my house, with the 12 week quarantine my dad instated taking a heavy toll on the mental p.o.v.. Also, I have started to realized how important some aspects in life are, like social communication and the importance in school. These aspects, I believe, were taken for granted heavily. I also realized how the community sticks together during times of emergency. I believe this situation really opened my, and everyone's, eyes.

Hello, My name is Malachi Lyons and the coronavirus pandemic has been the most stressful abd fearful time of my life. I have an uncle and a close family friend from church who have sadly been infected along with many people close to our family who have unfortunately passed away. Throughout this experience, I have been forced to admit to a new style of learning, living and interacting with people. This has been a rollercoaster experience and I have a major statement for anyone listening. For adults, take the necessary precautions like a grownup, for parents, teach your children the reasons why they need to and force them to wash their hands and wear masks because its sad to see the one of the biggest reasons that we are still in this pandemic is because of those who put their own interests instead of others.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted one of my extended family members and has kept my family entirely home bound for about 4 months now. My father has an immune/lung issue that makes the virus fatal to him. My parents have taken every precaution to ensure we are safe. The pandemic has also affected my social life significantly. Instead of going out every other weekend with friends, I can only connect with them through FaceTime or text message. My summer has not been as enjoyable as my other summers. It has also been extremely frustrating to see others in my community disregard social distancing guidelines and causing cases to spike. As my message to my peers: please adhere to the guidelines not just for yourself, but for the sake of others’ lives and wellbeing.

It’s helped me focus on what matters most. Family, friends, food, nature. I don’t plan to go back to the old normal. I realize I am blessed to have everything I need. My heart breaks for the many who do not.