Conversations: Manny Cid

Conversations: July 15, 2020

In this episode of Miami Corona Project Conversations, Mayor Manny Cid of Miami Lakes and artist Xavier Cortada discussed a few key challenges his constituents are facing during the pandemic. From business owners packing up and turning in their keys to his weekly live streams with professionals for mental health advice, Cid shares an insight into life in Miami Lakes in the time of coronavirus. He ends the conversation with a message of hope for Miami Lakes residents, thanking them for doing their part.

About Mayor Manny Cid

Mayor Manny Cid’s public service began as senior legislative aide to two state representatives where he worked on appropriations for Miami Lakes residents for seven years. He served on the town’s Youth Activities Task Force and Economic Development Committee, was elected to the Miami Lakes Council in 2012, and subsequently selected as as the youngest Vice-Mayor in town history in 2013. In November of 2016, Manny was elected Mayor of the Town of Miami Lakes. Mayor Manny Cid has been a resident of Miami Lakes for 27 years and is a business owner, homeowner, husband and parents of two children being raised in the town’s Villa Vizcaya neighborhood.

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Twitter: @MayorMannyCid

About Xavier Cortada

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