Conversations: Dr. Kerry Burnstein

Conversations: July 15, 2020

Artist Xavier Cortada invited fellow COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant Awardee, Dr. Kerry Burnstein, to have a conversation about her research and how coronavirus has impacted the scientific community. She shared insight on how the virus has virtually halted in-lab research with there not being much scientists can do from home. On another note, she gives her recommendations on how our society can overcome this pandemic while reminding people that scientists are learning every day too.

About Dr. Kerry Burnstein

Dr. Kerry Burnstein is a professor of molecular and cellular pharmacology at the University of Miami and is one of the 24 Rapid Response Grant awardees from the University’s Office of the Vice Provost for Research. In her study, she investigates the potential link between androgen receptors and COVID-19 through the enzyme TMPRSS2 to provide data on whether certain drugs that are effective and safe for treating prostate cancer might also be effective in treating COVID-19.Dr. Kerry Burnstein graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with her Ph.D. in genetics and from postdoctoral fellowships in molecular endocrinology. Over the past 25 years, she has developed international recognition for expertise in the intracellular cross-talk between steroid receptors and other signaling pathways in prostate cancer. Her research efforts seek to understand how these pathways contribute to drug resistance, like the use of arginine vasopressin receptor antagonists for the treatment of prostate cancer, for which she holds a patent.

About Xavier Cortada

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