Conversations: Dr. Ekaterina Denkova

Conversations: July 22, 2020

In this Miami Corona Project Conversation, Dr. Ekaterina Denkova, artist Xavier Cortada’s fellow University of Miami COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Grant Awardee, speaks about her coronavirus research in mindfulness training for seniors in isolation. She shares how high-stress situations like the pandemic can not only impact your psychological well-being but also affect your day-to-day decision making.

About Dr. Ekaterina Denkova

Dr. Ekaterina Denkova is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami, the Assistant Director of the Neuroimaging Facility at the UM Coral Gables Campus, and the Assistant Director of Research for the UMindfulness Initiative. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Strasbourg (France), then joined the University of Alberta as a Canadian Institutes of Health Research-Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Postdoctoral Fellow.

Since 2014, she has been working with neuroscientist Dr. Amishi Jha at the University of Miami. She studies the neural basis of emotional personal memories and the impact of mindfulness training on cognitive functioning and psychological health and emotional well-being. Dr. Denkova, together with Dr. Jha and Professor Scott Rogers from the School of Law, received a COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant from the University of Miami to examine the impact of mindfulness training on psychological health and well being in seniors during the pandemic. The project’s goal is to help identify solutions for addressing prominent psychological health challenges faced during the pandemic.

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About Xavier Cortada

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