Native Flags Package (3 Gallon)

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“Native Flags” is a participatory eco-art project designed to engage local residents in restoring native habitats for plants and animals in urban areas. Join the global reforestation effort by ordering this Native Flags package and planting a native tree and flag in your front yard.

The Native Flags (3 Gallon) Package includes a 2 ft. x 3 ft. Native Flag and your choice of a native tree in a 3 gallon pot (either Seagrape, Gumbo-limbo, or Satinleaf). Package must be picked up at Pinecrest Gardens by appointment only – there is no delivery available.


  1. Plant the tree in your front lawn alongside the green project flag and state: “I hereby reclaim this land for nature”
  2. Take a photo of the tree and flag, post it on social media, and tag @xcortada alongside #nativeflags
  3. Ask your friends, family, and neighbors to do the same


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Native Flag: 2 ft. x 3 ft.

Seagrape: About 6 ft. tall

Gumbo-Limbo: About 4 ft. tall

Satinleaf: About 5 ft. tall

Coccoloba uvifera is a species of flowering plant in the buckwheat family, Polygonaceae, that is native to coastal beaches throughout tropical America and the Caribbean, including southern Florida, the Bahamas, the Greater and Lesser Antilles, and Bermuda.

Bursera simaruba, commonly known as gumbo-limbo, copperwood, chaca, naked Indian and turpentine tree, is a tree species in the family Burseraceae, native to tropical regions of the Americas from South Florida to Mexico and the Caribbean to Brazil, Jinotega and Venezuela.

Chrysophyllum oliviforme is a medium-sized tree native to Florida, the Bahamas, the Greater Antilles, and Belize. It is also known as Damson plum, wild star-apple, saffron-tree, Caimitillo, Caimitillo de Perro, Camitillo Cimarró, Teta de Burra, Macanabo, and Caïmite Marron. It gets the name satinleaf from the distinctive colors of the leaves.

Participants are asked to plant a native tree alongside the green project flag in their front yard and state “I hereby reclaim this land for nature.” The project’s project’s conspicuous green flags serve as a catalyst for conversations with neighbors, who will be encouraged to join the effort and help rebuild their native tree canopy one yard at a time. Ideally, as they watch each tree grow, their interest in the environment will also grow.

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Seagrape, Gumbo-Limbo, Satinleaf

Shipping Details

No delivery available. Package must be picked up from Pinecrest Gardens.