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“Mangroves (on Blue)”

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Artist Xavier Cortada’s career has often centered around imagery associated with a ubiquitous Florida icon, that of the mangrove. These artist prints exemplify this relationship, presenting a variety of Cortada’s more notable mangrove artworks through limited-edition series. With strong composition and vibrant color choices, these works were intended to establish a conceptual resonance between the audience and nature, in hopes of promoting a more in-depth understanding and relationship towards our environment. 

All prints from Cortada’s “Mangrove” series are in the collection of the Florida International University Steven and Dorothea Green Library

Xavier Cortada, “Mangroves (on Blue),” signed, numbered, limited edition print on paper, 32″ x 24″, 2005. (edition of 100)



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Xavier Cortada, “Music,” signed and numbered (edition of 100) limited-edition pigment print on archival Somerset velvet paper, 32″ x 24″, (2005).

This is a print of the painting that was commissioned by the University of Miami Frost School of Music for Festival Miami 2005.

“This year’s cover artwork was created especially for Festival Miami 2005 by Xavier Cortada, a renowned Miami artist and UM law school alumnus. The stunning cover presents a bold and colorful blend of musical instruments set adrift against playful waves and deep blue sky.”



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Xavier Cortada, “Vincennes,”  archival ink on paper (signed, numbered, limited-edition print | edition of 150), 11″ x 14″, 2007.

Xavier Cortada, recipient of a 2006-2007 National Science Foundation Antarctic Artists and Writers fellowship, traveled to Antarctica to implement a series of projects and installations. While there, the Miami artist created “ice paintings” using sea ice, glacier and sediment samples provided to him by scientists working in Antarctica. The artist titled the works on paper by randomly selecting the names of geographic features from a map of the continent that inspired their creation.