Uncertain Future For FIU Greek Life; S. Florida Regional Climate Change Compact; Xavier Cortada


December 19, 2017

Climate change through the lens of art
The mixing of art and science is an effective tool to teach an audience about the changes in the environment and motivate them to get involved in sustainability efforts. South Florida artist Xavier Cortada, uses his artistic talent and love for science to create larger than life pieces of art.

Cortada is the artist-in-residence at Florida International University and at Pinecrest Gardens. His work has appeared in major museums and has been commissioned to create art for the White House, the World Bank, the CERN Lab in Switzerland and the Florida Governor’s Mansion.  

Cortada painted, as well as doing community organizing, working with gang member and families with drug addictions issues, while enrolled at the University of Miami.

“I found the power of art to be incredible as a way of engaging others,” Cortada said about addressing social issues through art.

Cortada transitioned into eco-friendly inspired work after his time working for social causes in Africa and Latin America.

“I transitioned from purely social justice work with kids and adult prisons addressing important social and justice concerns and began transitioning slowly into the environment,” Cortada said. “Before you know it, I’m in the South Pole doing climate change work.” 

In Cortada’s project, Longitudinal Installation in Antarctica, the artist places 24 shoes in a circle around the South Pole, each serving as a proxy for a person affected by global climate change in the world above. Inside the shoe, quotes were written to represent worldwide community concerns about climate change in the 24 different time zones.

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