ArtCenter/South Florida celebrates 30 years of influence with special exhibition

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December 6, 2014

MIAMI, FLA.- In celebration of the ArtCenter/South Florida’s 30th Anniversary the Miami Beach-based arts institution is currently displaying its newest and most comprehensive exhibition yet – Thirty Years on the Road, curated by internationally-acclaimed painter, sculptor and recently announced 2014 United States Artists Fellow, Edouard Duval Carrié.

A result of tireless work by Duval Carrié and ArtCenter’s Artistic Director Susan Carballo, Thirty Years on the Road documents the many artists that have had short to long-term residences at the ArtCenter over the past three decades and that have consequentially enabled greater Miami to gain international recognition as a cultural destination. After months of endless research and outreach, the final exhibition includes the works of more than 100 artists in the different exhibition spaces available to ArtCenter including The Richard Shack Gallery, Project 924, Lincoln-Meridian windows, 924 Vitrine and three Windows@Walgreens plus a fourth Windows@Walgreens in partnership with the Bass Museum of Art.

“It is an honor to be asked to serve as curator for this 30 year retrospective exhibition being an alumnus myself,” said curator Duval Carrié. “In this exhibition, I want to provide a platform to present, in an inclusive way, the wide-ranging talents and achievements of so many artists who have roamed the halls of ArtCenter.”

Mostly all mediums are represented in this multifaceted exhibition ranging from sculpture to video to painting and include works by well-known alumni such as Carlos Betancourt, Vicenta Casan, Xavier Cortada, Liliam Cuenca, Luis Gispert, Beatriz Monteavaro, Gavin Perry, David Rohn, Federico Uribe, Wendy Wischer and Antonia Wright. Alumni sculptor and museum installer James Herring worked alongside Duval Carrié to design a unique element of the exhibition, ClaySpace Revisited, displaying ceramic works that played a vital role in ArtCenter’s history.

In addition to the standing exhibition spaces, Thirty Years on the Road will also debut a specially commissioned publication by alumni artists, available for wide distribution following the event’s opening reception. The broadsheet-formatted journal is a compilation of artistic interpretations representing each decade since the ArtCenter’s inception. Selected to participate in the piece are artists Charo Oquet (reviewing the years 1984-1994), William Cordova (1994-2004) and Kristen Thiele (2004-2014).

While the retrospective exhibition aims to remind art aficionados across the region of the undeniable influence the ArtCenter has had in supporting artists of the past, it also serves as a recap of what the future holds for the ArtCenter’s ability to continue to offer a public space for all—creators and audiences alike.

“ArtCenter aims to continue to be a meeting point in the city which will contribute to the development of Miami by strengthening the city’s artistic, social and cultural fabric,” said ArtCenter/South Florida Executive Director Maria del Valle. “We have and always will be a pioneering place for developing creativity through the arts, both locally and globally. We are looking forward to the future with great excitement”

Thirty Years on the Road curated by Edouard Duval Carrié continues through February 1, 2015 at all of the ArtCenter’s Miami Beach locations.

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