North Pole Dinner Party

This ritualistic installation invites participants to eat ice the artist brought back from the North Pole, integrating the North Pole into their very being.

In 2008, Xavier Cortada created ritualistic installations at the North Pole to address climate change and the melting polar caps.  In “North Pole Dinner Party,” he fed his fellow travelers aboard a Russian icebreaker pieces of ice he collected at the North Pole. Cortada figured that if they ingested a piece of the North Pole, it would become part of them, and they would do all they could to protect it. Unfortunately, Arctic sea ice has continued melting at frightening speeds. To connect people with the Arctic ice before it is too late, Cortada is serving it on Miami Beach.

Click here to see the North Pole Dinner Party performance at the Green Project presented by the Claire Oliver Gallery in Wynwood, FL during 2008 Miami Art Week.