May 2013 – The Art of the God particle

The Art of the God particle and a Sunday art brunch (500)
–plus museum acquisitions, exhibits, public art commissions
Cortada Ice Painting: Whatcom Museum  
Permanent Collection, Touring Exhibit



Whatcom Museum
November 2 2013 – March 2, 2014
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  Cortada’s Antarctic ice paintings are also on exhibit at the
Kona Kai Gallery in Key Largo.

The Art of the God Particle

In April 2013, FIU artist-in-residence Xavier Cortada and physicist Pete Markowitz created a site-specific installation at Geneva’s CERN laboratory to mark the discovery of the Higgs boson.

Last week, during a Celebration of U.S. Particle Physics at the U.S. Captol, every member of Congress received a replica of the banners. Click here to learn more.

The art of the God particle: Xavier Cortada and Pete Markowitz at TEDxFIU

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Above: Public Art Review: Starfish Shuffle at Port Everglades   

Passengers arriving at Port Everglades Terminal 2 will now find it easier to make their way through the cavernous terminal by following the path shown by colorful ceramic starfish, shuffling on their journey from the sand towards the sea. Starfish Shuffle is a series of eight unique ceramic murals mounted on the walls in the security screening area, created by artist Xavier Cortada. Each 4’x 8′ mural is comprised of 288 uniquely painted tiles; each deeply textured, carved, and then hand-painted with multiple layers of glazes to achieve a brilliant and fluid effect that is suggestive of the warm tropical waters that cruise passengers eagerly anticipate on their voyage.

Cortada unveils digital tapestry at University of Miami

Three-time UM alumnus Xavier Cortada, B.A. ’86, M.P.A. ’91, J.D. ’91, unveiled a three-piece art panel installation titled ‘Flight of the Ibis,’ which he created specifically for the Student Activities Center. Each panel measures 15 feet by 10 feet and features a series of stylized ibises – the University’s mascot – along a backdrop of abstract mangrove roots.

Xavier Cortada, “Flight of the Ibis,” sublimation dye on fabric, 15′ x 30′, 2013.
(University of Miami Student Activities Center, Coral Gables, FL)

Miami Beach Earth Day & Arbor Day Festival

Native Flags Empowers Teens to Take a Stand at 2013 Miami Beach Earth Day

Dozens of teens and Florida residents marched the shores of South Beach on April 27, 2013 with creative, recycled Native Flags in hand during the Miami Beach Earth Day & Arbor Day Celebration. All flag bearers staked their flags along the shoreline in support of Earth Day and their “green” messages.

Ecological Reflections, National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation has selected Xavier Cortada’s Reclamation Project as one of the works for this year’s Ecological Reflections exhibit featuring eleven of their Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) sites in the US, Alaska, and French Polynesia. The Ecological Reflections network brings together scientists, artists, and writers to explore places of long-term inquiry. Cortada’s work included an installation of mangrove propagules and an accompanying video (above)

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Ocean Life Series, Key Largo

Ecoart engages communities to address environmental problems directly, and in highly creative ways. The Reclamation Project is a pioneering ecoart program in South Florida that encourages the fusion of culture and environmental stewardship.

Cortada led a discussion about the importance of ecoart in education and in engaging South Floridians in an effort to reforest coastal and urban areas at the Murray E. Nelson Government and Cultural Center on April 19, 2013 in Key Largo, Florida.

South Regional Library Hosts FLOR500

On Monday, March 4, 2013, Xavier Cortada presented about FLOR500 at the South Regional Library in Naples, Florida.   
FLOR500 is a participatory art, nature, and history project was created to commemorate Florida’s quincentennial in 2013. 


Five hundred Floridians are invited to depict 500 native wildflowers – the same ones that grew in our state when Juan Ponce de Leon landed in 1513 and named it “La Florida”-from “flor,” the Spanish word for flower. The artwork, along with information about each flower, is being posted on the project website.


After his FLOR500 presentation, Cortada invited participants to transform his original drawing of a Florida wildflower on exhibit at the library into 100 living gardens. His drawing was cut into 100 tiled pieces; each tile comes with a packet of Florida wildflower seeds. Participants were asked to take the drawing and seeds home and plant a garden dedicated to a Floridian that is special to them. In the process not only will they pay tribute to someone special in their lives, but they will also help improve Florida’s biodiversity by growing native plants. To participate, visit

Turning Art into Wildflowers:  FLOR500 Flower Drawing Region 3

Delray Beach Public Art, FLOR500 Garden

"Art and the Natural World," Museum of Florida History

On March 23, 2013, Xavier Cortada, discussed artistic portrayals of Florida’s natural and human history as part of the Museum of Florida History’s educational programming for Reflections: Paintings of Florida 1865-1965.
This exhibit features eighty-five works of art that highlight Florida’s unique and beautiful landscape. The paintings were created by many of the most influential artists who have painted Florida’s natural environment and famous landmarks in the past 150 years. Cortada’s presentation was sponsored through a grant from the Florida Humanities Council.

Urban Reforestation at Miami-Dade County Schools

Year Four: More than 1,200 Native Trees Planted at Miami-Dade Schools on Earth Day

Earth Day 2013  

Miami-Dade County Public Schools partnered with artist Xavier Cortada once again in presenting Native Flags, a participatory eco-art project to help regrow our native tree canopy, to each of the District’s schools. More than 1,200 native trees have been planted since the partnership in 2010.  

Prior to Earth Day, each school received a native tree sapling and green project flag to be planted on the school grounds. Upon planting the flag alongside the tree, students proclaimed that they are “reclaiming that land for nature.”  More Photos

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Miami artist Xavier Cortada created art installations at the North Pole and South Pole to address environmental concerns at points in between. He’s been commissioned to create art for the White House, the World Bank, Miami City Hall, Miami-Dade County Hall, Florida Botanical Gardens, the Miami Art Museum, Museum of Florida History, Miami Science Museum and the Frost Art Museum. 

Cortada has also developed numerous collaborative art projects globally, including peace murals in Cyprus and Northern Ireland, child welfare murals in Bolivia and Panama, AIDS murals in Switzerland and South Africa, and eco-art projects in Taiwan, Holland, New Hampshire, Hawaii and Latvia.  

Cortada currently serves as artist-in-residence and at the Florida International University College of Architecture + The Arts.

Xavier Cortada, FIU College of Architecture + The Arts, Miami Beach Urban Studios,420 Lincoln Road, Suite 430, Miami Beach, FL 33139