#KeepCoolMiamiDade Engaged Programming
Join us every week for artistic interventions aimed at addressing extreme heat in Miami-Dade County. In partnership with the county’s Chief Heat Officer and other community partners, the Xavier Cortada Foundation is leveraging art, education, and collective action to raise awareness, empower individuals, and provide practical solutions for the climate crisis.

Every Sunday, our foundation educates the community on heat safety at the Pinecrest Gardens farmers market. Through online and in-person events, our social practice campaign educates the community, conducts surveys and advocates for reforms that better prepare us to meet the challenges brought about by Miami’s extreme heat.

In our practice, we engage with diverse segments of the population, including outdoor workers, athletes, public safety personnel, and elders, gathering their experiences and exploring solutions to mitigate the effects of warming.

This summer, we collaborated with the Chief Heat Officer and The Children’s Trust to provide summer camp workers with a heat preparedness training. We also joined forces with We Count! and local advocacy organizations to present workshops (in Little Haiti and Coral Gables) champion outdoor worker protections in the County. Additional project activations will feature panel discussions and presentations on the topic.

May 26th: Keep Cool Conversation | 11:00am – 1:00pm
Artist Xavier Cortada facilitated a conversation about strategies to creatively engage the community in addressing heat-related concerns. Participants included members from the business community, clinicians, outdoor workers, government officials, and first responders. The following individuals delivered opening remarks:


Xavier Cortada and Miami-Dade County’s Chief Heat Officer, Jane Gilbert, discuss how art can captivate audiences on a deep emotional level. (Photos by D.A. Varela / The Miami Herald)

May 25th – 28th: “Keep Cool Miami-Dade” Pop-up Exhibition at Coral Gables Museum
The museum’s exhibition featured Cortada’s cooling towel and 
three new paintings the artist created specifically for the launch of the #KeepCoolMiamiDade campaign, which aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of extreme heat in Miami-Dade County.  The exhibition is open to the public from 11:00am – 5:00pm (see admission fees at www.coralgablesmuseum.org).

May 25th: #KeepCoolMiamiDade Campaign Launch | 6:30pm – 9:00pm
The Xavier Cortada Foundation’s #KeepCoolMiamiDade campaign kicked off with a pop-up exhibition at the Coral Gables Museum on Thursday, May 25th, 2023. At the opening reception, artist Xavier Cortada was joined by Miami-Dade Chief Heat Officer Jane Gilbert and Mission co-founder Chris Valletta in revealing the #KeepCoolMiamiDade cooling towel Cortada created to help people cope with a warming planet.