June 21st, 2018- Pinecrest Gardens

Quotes from 8 FIU students who participated in the longitudinal Installation:

1. The environment, especially the coasts have had a great impact on me. The beauty and serenity and the threat of beach erosion and push bak, spurred me to look for ways to preserve it. – Ike, Nigeria.

2. The negative effects of the environment I grew up in impacted me positively, It has urger me to let others know the importance and meaning behind it. – Laura, NY

3. I grew up in a climate change impacted region of the world. This experience motivated me to study the environment as a career. What I have come to understand is that the environment is the weight and support of our existence. Temesgen, West Africa

4. We are the living, breathing extension of earth. That alone is a lesson – Michele, Miami

5. I have been interested in environmental science/policy ever since someone stepped me in in elementary school and called me out for littering a candy wrapper. Since then I was really impacted by how we treat our planet. I don’t know if it is the guilt or shame of not understanding the importance of taking care of our eater back when I was 7 years old, but now I work on communicating science and environmental issues to the public. This way others can be armed with knowledge to make the right choices when it comes to environmental choices. – Candice, France

6. In our current toxic and divisive political climate, I truly believe that environmental issues can be one of the things that brings us together. The environment affects all of our lives and it is something that we all have in common despite our differences. We all depend on it, and now, it also depends on us. – Jess, Cuba

7. The reawakening of loving and caring about the simple yet complex aspects of nature – Angie, Miami

8. The depth and vastness of our oceans and seas reminds me of the greatness of our god who created it. If he takes care of us, I find it a responsibility to take care of nature too. – Amanda, Miami