Endangered World is a participatory Eco-Art project by Xavier Cortada that has addressed global biodiversity loss through art installations at the South Pole (2007), North Pole (2008), Holland (2009) and Biscayne National Park (2010) and through online participatory art projects.

Participate at Pinecrest Gardens

Adopt-a-Species: Scan the QR code to see a list of currently endangered animals that Cortada has featured in his installations. Select one of the animals, take a stone, and mark it (using the acrylic paint pen) with the longitudinal degree (e.g., 90E) where your animal struggles for survival. Pledge an “eco-action” as a commitment to your chosen animal and place the stone in a visible location at home to serve as a daily reminder of your pledge. If you would like your marked stone to possibly be included in future Endangered World exhibitions, take a picture of it and share it, along with a brief description of your eco-action, on social media with @xcortada and #EndangeredWorld tags.