Future of Water Summit 2022

Cortada shares his art with Summit organizers Hardeep Anand and Amit Pramanik

Xavier Cortada was invited to be the Artist-in-Residence for the 2022 Future of Water Summit at the Ritz Carlton, South Beach on August 8-9, 2022. Cortada’s keynote speech addressed the role that art can have in solving critical water challenges. The artist also branded the conference with his art, engaged conference attendees with his “HELLO” participatory art project (originally launched at COP26), and exhibited his “Florida is… Diatoms” series of limited edition prints (an edition of which is in the collection of Florida’s Department of State).

conference purpose

The goal of the Summit is to develop a “unified vision” for collaborative water governance to ensure a secure, just, and affordable water future for all. Local, state, and federal partners, non-governmental agencies, service and technology providers, and members of the academic community will convene to leverage existing efforts and jointly formulate a “call-to-action” to ensure a more sustainable and resilient society.

Five main themes:

  • Smart One Water – Definition, Framework & Implementation
  • Watershed/River-basin Scale Governance, and Policy
  • Climate Change, Sustainability, and Resilience
  • Equity, Affordability, Social, and Environmental Justice
  • Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation


Xavier Cortada, Miami’s pioneer eco-artist, is Artist-in-Residence for the 2022 Future of Water Summit. From polar glaciers to Arctic sea ice, from streaming brooks to open bays, Cortada frequently uses water as a medium to convey its incredible importance, warn about the grave danger it poses to coastal communities, and engage others in its conservation.