The New American Patriot — A Climate Action Exhibition

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The New American Patriot — A Climate Action Exhibition

July 1, 2016 - July 11, 2016

Co-curated by Rolando Chang Barrero and Mary Jo Aagerstoun, “The New American Patriot  — A Climate Action Exhibition” is a multimedia presentation and exhibition that showcases Art in The Public Interest. Included in this exhibition are over 20 artists that have created Videos, Photograghy, Paintings and Performance Art projects addressing important environmental issues that affect climate change.   Interactive participatory works, murals, kinetic works, films, installations, and even a burlesque show will be included in this unprecedented survey of how artists create work that inspires and responds to climate change.

The American Patriot celebrates and presents the work of our featured artists: Hot Posse, The Yes Men, Annie Sprinkle, Steve Lambert, Rolando Chang Barrero, Tim Collins and Reiko Goto, The Center for Creative Activism, Aviva Rahmani, Overpass Light Brigade, The Climate Action Coalition, Xavier Cortada, Dana Donaty, Birds are Nice, Craig McInnis, Nadia Utto, Bethany Taylor, Roseanne Truxes Livingston, David Peck, Elizabeth Reed, Lloyd Goradesky, The Post Carbon Institute, Mary Jo Aagerstoun, Jesse Etelson, Shawn Robbins, Jerry Lind, Jan Booher, Lane Hall, Joe Brusky, Kim Heise, Gwendolyn Chrzanow, Marika Stone, Sarah Younger, and others…
Xavier Cortada’s 5 Actions to Stop Rising Seas project will be featured: Hit it! | Burn it! | Eat it! | Freeze it| Bury it!

5 Actions to Stop Rising Seas: Hit it! | Burn it! | Eat it! | Freeze itBury it! video documentation of performance, 2015
Xavier Cortada

5 Actions to Stop Rising Seas was created by Xavier Cortada during April-May 2015 during an artist residency at the Rising Seas Confab 2015, Rauschenberg Studio, Captiva, Florida. In this performance, Cortada comments with irony on the weak to non-existent actions being taken to address both the causes and the imminent realities of climate disruption in a State clearly at the epicenter of potential disaster—one which has been caused by inadequate action globally on soaring levels of greenhouse gases related to human activity.

Cortada has long been involved in art that intervenes in, and/or comments upon environmental problems. He has created environmental installations (North Pole and South Poleand direct-impact ecological art projects, in Florida, around the US, and internationally, (Taiwan, Hawaii and Holland).

Xavier Cortada is Florida-educated and has lived in Miami since he was three. He is currently Artist-in-Residence at FIU School of Environment, Arts and Society | College of Arts, Science & Education and the College of Communication, Architecture + the Arts. (

5 Actions video:

The video was premiered at the CLIMA art exhibit, Cortada’s solo art exhibit in Hialeah Florida during the the COP21 Paris Climate Talks in December 2015.  To learn more about the CLIMA project and other works addressing sea level rise, global climate change and biodiversity, please visit

Direct Actions Seminar (7:08)

Hit it! (1:23)

Burn it!  (4:53)

Eat it! (6:31)

Freeze it!  (1:43)

Bury it! (6:47)

In acknowledgement of the support from the Rauschenberg Residency/Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Florida International University and the City of Hialeah.


About the Artist: 

Xavier Cortada serves as Artist-in-Residence at FIU School of Environment, Arts and Society | College of Arts, Science & Education and the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts.

Cortada often engages scientists in his art-making: At CERN, Cortada and a particle physicist created a permanent digital-art piece to celebrate the Higgs boson discovery. He has collaborated with a population geneticist to explore our ancestral journeys out of Africa 60,000-years ago, with a molecular biologist to synthesize a DNA strand from a sequence 400 museum visitors randomly generated, and with botanists to develop multi-year participatory eco-art efforts to reforest mangrovesnative trees and wildflowers across Florida.

The Miami artist has created environmental installations (North Pole and South Pole) and eco-art (TaiwanHawaii and Hollandprojects, and painted community murals addressing peace (Cyprus and Northern Ireland), child welfare  (Bolivia and Panama), AIDS (Switzerland and South Africa) and juvenile justice (Miami and Philadelphia) concerns.

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