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What “eco-action” can you pledge to take in your own life to address global climate change and the disappearance of this species?

Think about the factors that threaten your animal’s survival. Since many of these animals are suffering on account of global climate change, your action may be aimed at reducing your carbon footprint—making an effort to ride a bicycle to work, or make your home more energy-efficient.

There is no action too big or too small. If you’ve never taken steps in your personal life to fighting climate change, then baby steps are welcome. We encourage you to aim high, but whatever it is, just make sure you can do it. Big projects are grand, but they don’t mean anything if they don’t get done. Make sure to make a pledge that is not going to fall by the wayside.

I agree to engage in an “eco-action” on behalf of the animal I am “adopting” and keep my “marked” stone (I marked with the longitude where this animal struggles for survival) in a conspicuous location to serve as a daily reminder to engage in sustainable practices.

By completing this online form, I  agree to release all rights to artist Xavier Cortada, thereby allowing the artist to use the my name, the photo, text, content and information provided by me in any way he deems fit.