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Earth Day 2020: Committing to the Next 50 Years
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Dear future, Please learn about the past. The past starting from the 1900’s dealing with the damaged caused to our planet. Be the ones to create a planet that is better to live snd thrive. Don’t take for granted what you have now. Sincerely, An art teacher with love for nature.

Jessica Sandin

Thirty-five years ago my daughters played under a 200 year old oak tree with their dolls, friends, and parked their bikes there. Life was good and shady. Two years ago the tree died and so we replaced it with a new one. Why, because someone had planted the first one for our enjoyment and we owed it to a future generation of children to have a tree they too could play under and be happy. The old tree still lives as a reminder of our need to take care of the Earth, because we recycled it into two dining room tables that each girl uses with their children to bring happiness into their world. Please keep honoring your family and respect the Earth. It is home, it is safety, it is joy.