“Keep Cool Miami-Dade” Cooling Towel

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Xavier Cortada’s Keep Cool Miami-Dade cooling towel is a visual representation of the heat and humidity that defines life in Miami-Dade County. The vibrant sun, with its bold yellow and orange hues, symbolizes the scorching heat that makes it challenging and often dangerous for people to carry out their daily activities. The background’s contrasted, textured blues evoke the importance of hydration, shade, and finding ways to keep cool. This artwork is at the heart of #KeepCoolMiamiDade, a heat safety campaign raising awareness about the consequences of extreme heat while providing practical strategies for individuals to combat the worst effects.

The entire sale amount from the special-edition MISSION cooling towels purchased here will be dedicated to supporting the Xavier Cortada Foundation.

Learn more about the extreme heat awareness campaign at www.cortada.com/keep-cool.


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During the summer of 2023, the Xavier Cortada Foundation is partnering with the Miami Dade County’s Chief Heat Officer, MISSION, and the Coral Gables Museum to implement artistic interventions that encourage conversation and action around extreme heat, ultimately making the county safer and more resilient in the face of this critical public health threat. Learn more about this initiative at www.cortada.com/keep-cool

MISSION Product Technology

  • Cools up to 2 hours
  • Sun Protection UPF-50
  • Chemical-Free Cooling
  • Fabric Content: 90% Polyester/ 10% Nylon
  • Learn more at www.mission.com
10” X 33”