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LTER : Everglades (Florida) | HJ Andrews (Oregon) | Hubbard Brook (New Hampshire)

Invited CLIMA exhibits:  Honoring the Future‘s  Alaskan Journeys | Michael Gray’s Phyllum Floridian 



Xavier Cortada, “Hot for Hialeah,” 2016.

Xavier Cortada
 will return to Hialeah for CLIMA 2016 during 2016 Art Basel Week  with the opening of several of his art-science exhibits:

CLIMA presenting partner Honoring the Future brings the work of Philadelphia-based artists Peter Handler and Karen Singer (Alaskan Journey: Artists Bear Witness to Climate Change.

CLIMA is also honored to present the work of its 2016 featured local guest artist, Michael Gray. Gray, an FIU MFA candidate in Visual Arts: Studio Practice, will be presenting his Phyllum Floridian exhibit and contribute works to Cortada’s project on climate refugees.


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