ELI National Wetlands Award 2021

For his 15 years of work creatively engaging fellow Miami-Dade County residents in learning about, conserving and restoring mangrove forests, Cortada was granted a 2021 National Wetlands Award by the Environmental Law Institute. The National Wetlands Awards are presented annually to individuals who have excelled in wetlands protection, restoration, and education.

ELI’s National Wetlands Award program is supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service, and Natural Resource Conservation Service. Awardees are selected by a widely representative committee composed of 10-15 wetlands experts from around the country, including representatives from each federal supporting agency, members of the conservation and business communities, and representatives from state and local governments.

“The recipients of the National Wetlands Awards are on the forefront of protecting wetland resources in the face of development and climate impacts,” said ELI President Scott Fulton. “Through their dedication and achievements—even in the midst of a pandemic—they inspire wetlands protection across the country and worldwide. After the tumultuous year we’ve experienced, I welcome and celebrate the optimism, energy, and hope these individuals bring forth through their work.”

Learn more about Xavier Cortada, The Reclamation Project, and the ELI National Wetlands Award: