Miami-Dade County Sea Level Rise Projection Map: 6 feet

As our society continues to burn fossil fuels and heat the planet, humans are actively causing sea levels to rise, hurricanes to strengthen, and heat waves to intensify.

Help our community plan for the impacts of the climate crisis by joining The Underwater, Miami’s newest interactive art project by Xavier Cortada. Here’s how to participate:

What's your elevation?

Elevation Marker

Underwater Florida

I developed The Underwater to help my neighbors understand our vulnerability to rising seas and give them the tools to take action. Learning together and working together today, we can build a more equitable tomorrow.

– Xavier Cortada

underwater intel

The Underwater Intel is an online resource hub containing a curated selection of videos, books, podcasts, and more for anyone who wants to dive deeper in their climate education. This section also highlights Miami-based organizations to get involved with and inspiring leaders to learn from as you think about your role in the climate movement.


Through Cortada’s engagement at Miami Senior High School, his alma mater, thousands of families and dozens of shops along Little Havana’s Calle Ocho learned about Miami’s vulnerability to rising seas, created personalized Underwater Elevation Markers, and became part of the conversation around equitably addressing the climate crisis in their community.