Constitution (is an action verb): About

Xavier Cortada, University of Miami School of Law Professor of Practice and Artist in Residence, will undertake a weeklong collaboration with the Miami Law community in celebration of Constitution Day. 

Taking prior works where the artist conjugates nouns like Peace, Justice, Democracy as if they were action verbs on blackboard as a point of departure, Cortada created “Constitution (is an action verb)” to encourage participants to animate democracy by protecting and defending their constitution.

I Constitution
You Constitution
He/They/She Constitutions
We Constitution
You Constitution
They Constitution

Professor Cortada has designed cards with his “Constitution (is an action verb)” drawing on one side. The reverse side of these cards is a blank canvas for students to write and illustrate on the clause of our Constitution which is most meaningful to them. Students will be encouraged to share how they intend to protect and defend their chosen clause. All submissions and ideas are welcome and must be signed by the contributing student.  

The cards will be distributed to students on the Bricks starting on Monday, September 13th. For the next five days the Bricks will become a hub of Constitutional discussion as students pick up their cards and discuss them with their peers. We hope to have student leaders and faculty present during this time to encourage participation and foster dialogue.