Plan(T) at Lincoln Road

mangroves return to lincoln road!

Since 2006 volunteers have engaged retailers in this South Beach outdoor mall with participatory eco-art project, the Reclamation Project, to remind visitors and residents alike what Miami Beach looked like before all the concrete was before. Retailers cared for and educated the community about these vertical gardens before volunteers planted them along the coastline to create ecosystems above and below the waterline. 

In 2019, Lincoln Road hosted the latest iteration of Cortada’s eco-art project, Plan(T). Instead of reminding visitors and residents the past of Miami Beach, Plan(T) asks visitors to prepare for the future of Miami Beach and the Greater Miami.

Rather than showcasing Miami’s past, Plan(T) preserves Miami’s future by creating South Florida’s first urban mangrove forest, asking residents to plant mangrove propagules in their yards to safeguard against rising sea levels, increased flooding and storm surge.