The Markers: Use your yard sign as a catalyst to engage your neighbors in conversations about what you are going to do to address sea-level rise in your community.  Then invite them to join us at Pinecrest Gardens on the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm for our Underwater Homeowners Association meetings.

Xavier Cortada travelled to Antarctica in 2006-07 as a National Science Foundation (NSF) Antarctic Artist and Writers Program fellow. There, he created a series of works on paper by melting ice samples scientists gave me from their research on how human impacts on global climate are melting the Antarctic glaciers.

Underwater HOA” depicts South Florida’s vulnerability to those melting glaciers: In 2018, the Village of Pinecrest, Florida encouraged its residents to install an “Underwater HOA” yard sign (similar to the 18” x 24” yard signs realtors use to sell houses) on their front lawn during the first week of December 2018. The yard signs showed how many feet of melting glacial water must rise before their property is underwater. Cortada numbered each yard sign from 0 to 17 feet, the land elevation range for the 6,000 houses in this upscale village south of downtown Miami. The signs’ backdrop show the watercolor paintings Cortada made in Antarctica by melting ice from the very glaciers that threaten to melt and drown Miami.

Download your marker

As a way to help spread awareness and spark conversations about sea level rise and climate change, you can download an Underwater HOA sea level marker as a background image for Zoom meetings, your desktop, or to share on your social media networks. To find out your sea level elevation and choose your marker image, visit the Eyes on the Rise app website, type in your address, and click  the appropriate marker to download.  

Eyes on the Rise 
Enter your address and find out your foot height above sea level.