Featured Participants

My beautiful home

My daughter participating in the Miami Dade county public schools exposition Taste of the tropics. This is her art.

Edgar Martinez | June 8, 2019


Inspired by beetles in oil paint.

Elizabeth | June 8, 2019

in harmony

This piece is an artistic depiction of the special ties between Floridians and the nature that surrounds us. We experience the natural world in a way few others do, as we are constantly directly interacting with the animals, vegetation, and

Franco | June 8, 2019

Florida is …. Beautiful beaches being protected by Sea Oats!

Shortly after Hurricane Irma, the Sea Oats protected the land that Juno Beach stands on. At least the stairs in this one place.

Richard Wolfe | June 8, 2019

Florida is on of the most beautiful states in the country.

my Florida picture is about a panther hiding in the leaves ready to strike at its prey.

Isabella Juan | January 19, 2019

Florida is a place that cares for and protects endangered species.

Florida protects and cares for the lower keys rabbit. Florida helps give it a safe habitat but it gets polluted so I feel bad for the lower keys rabbit.

Lana Go | January 19, 2019

Florida is life

Florida is known for is amazing native animals and plants, for this piece I made a diptych of the Florida Key Deer. Painting on the right might not be the actual skeletal of a deer.

Maylin Arellano | January 19, 2019

Florida is how to many aquatic creatures

We should protect our oceans as we protect ourselves.

Christine Chade | January 19, 2019


I’ve had the privilege to call South Florida my home of 18 years. Ever since I was little wildlife conservation has been close to my heart, as I believe we need to do a better job in protecting the endangered.

Sofia Irigoyen | January 19, 2019

Our Home

The Gopher Tortoise is the state reptile of Florida. This creature is sadly endangered of extinction because of human predation, habitat loss, climate change, diet and diseases.

Valeria Zuniga | January 19, 2019


The Florida Scrub Jay is a beautiful species of bird which is sadly endangered. There are only about 5,000 of these birds left. I made this picture learning Adobe Illustrator, technology that may help me find a career later in.

Jazmin Moreno | January 19, 2019

Home of the Black Creek Crayfish

The Florida Black Creek crayfish is sadly on the endangerd species list because of residential and commercial development, transportation, biological resources use, natural system modifications and pollution. They can be found in the St Johns, Duval, Clay and Putnam counties.

Lukas Gonzalez | January 19, 2019