ART HEAR: Invasive Freeze (Tower of Lionfish)


During 2015, I will create “visual art pieces” that exist only as spoken words – and in the imagination of listeners who visualize what they hear.  Videos of moving lips discussing each art piece as if it existed in the real world will be uploaded to

Sometimes the art piece will be created (spoken) individually; other times in teams (e.g. I’ll invite a fellow-artist or scientist to co-speak the artworks into existence).

Listeners will then depict what they imagine/visualize (using their preferred medium –e.g., drawing, installation, performance, animation) when they hear those words.  Starting in 2016, they’ll upload their artwork to

Examples of these collaborative spoken/imagined conceptual artworks include:

  • Invasive Freeze (Tower of ice block-encased lionfish melts on a Biscayne National Park sandbar)
  • Healing Wall (Camillus House performance creates wall of homeless people’s interconnected hands)
  • Celestial Harp (Musical symphony composed using live-stream data collected by scientists as particles interact with Fermilab’s neutrino detectors).