500 Historical Figures

In a similar vein to the collaboration that naturally evolved between artists and scientists, Cortada facilitated the creation of one between historian and student. Through the involvement of a team of state historians operating under guidelines set out by the artist, the creation of a list of 500 significant individuals to the history of Florida was formed. While there remained an influence of Cortada from its inception, this list of 500 was designed to be as unbiased as possible (from the perspective of the artist), the artist having no involvement in its creation beyond the presentation of its initial parameters. The names of these important individuals were then used in naming wildflower gardens planted by individual FLOR500 participants as well as those organized through universities, schools and libraries across the state.

  1. Jacqueline Cochran – American pilot, first woman to break the sound barrier, and wartime head of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) (1943-1944) – born in Pensacola, FL.
  2. Ray Charles – American singer, songwriter, pianist, composer, and pioneer of the soul music genre during the 1950s – born to a laborer and laundress from Greenville, FL.
  3. Pedro Menéndez de Avilés – Spanish admiral and explorer who is remembered for planning the first regular trans-oceanic convoys and for founding St. Augustine, FL in 1565.
  4. Vicente Martinez-Ybor – Spanish entrepreneur, noted industrialist and cigar manufacturer in Cuba, then Key West, and finally Tampa, FL.
  5. Walter Elias Disney – Pioneer of the American animation industry, founder of Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Disney World in Orlando, FL.
  6. Juan Ponce de León – Spanish explorer, conquistador, first governor of Puerto Rico and known for leading the first official European expedition to Florida, landing on the East coast.
  7. Betty Mae Tiger Jumper – the first and only female chief of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, first Florida Seminole to learn to read and write English, first to graduate from high school and a nursing program, and co-founder of The Seminole News (now The Seminole Tribune).
  8. Julia DeForest Tuttle – American business woman who owned property upon which Miami, FL was built, earning her the name “Mother of Miami,” and is the only woman to found a major American city.


1. Florida’s Native People in A.D. 1500 – Museum of Florida
2. Abraham, Interpreter, Soldier
3. Caroline Baker Allen, Educator, Civic Leader
4. Alonso Alvarez de Pineda, Spanish Explorer
5. Andres de Arriola, Spanish Governor of Pensacola
6. Edward Ball, Businessman
7. James Hartley Beal, Pharmacist, Conchologist, Educator
8. Benboe Family, Entrepreneurs
9. Willie H. Blankston, Civil Rights Activist
10. Charles H. Bliss, Magazine Publisher, Mayor
11. William Alexander Blount, Sr., Attorney
12. Marianna Bonifay, Businesswoman
13. Henry Marie Brackenridge, Businessman
14. Francis Celestino Brent, Businessman
15. John Thomas Brooks, Founder of Fort Walton Beach
16. John William Brooks, Civic Leader, Businessman
17. Wallace Bruce, Poet, Magazine Editor, Civic Leader
18. Lola Lee Daniell Bruington, Historian
19. Erwin S. Buck, Early Settler, Merchant, Postmaster
20. Dr. Alvin Wentworth Chapman, Physician
21. Sam Charles, Businessman
22. William D. Chipley, Businessman, Mayor
23. Jacqueline Cochran, Aviator
24. Fanny-Fern Smith Davis, Botanist
25. Filo de la Rua, Public Official
26. Juan de la Rua, Businessman, Public Official
27. Leonard Destin, Founder of Destin
28. William Curtis Dobbins, Reverend, Civil Rights Activist
29. Ebenezer Dorr, Territorial Marshall
30. Elias Durnford, Civil Engineer
31. Zebulon Elijah, Public Official
32. Joseph Forsyth, Businessman
33. General Bernardo de Gálvez, Spanish Official
34. Antonio Garcon, Interpreter
35. Adam J. Gerlach, Early Settler, Businessman
36. Silas Gibson, Early Settler
37. Ida Goodson, Musician
38. Bill Harbeson III, Businessman
39. Modeste Hargis, Pharmacist
40. William Harvey, Funeral Home Owner
41. Andrew Jackson, Military General, Territorial Governor,
42. Liza Jackson, Community Activist
43. General Daniel “Chappie” James, Jr., Air Force General
44. Lilly James, Educator
45. John Kelker, Minister
46. Claude Roy Kirk, Jr., Governor
47. Conrad Kupfrian, Businessman
48. Christian S. LaRoche, Civic Leader
49. William C. Lazarus, Engineer, Museum Founder
50. Yulee Way Lazarus, Museum Founder, Curator
51. Tierce Lee, Businessman
52. Matthew M. Lewey, Newspaper Publisher
53. Addie Rushton Lewis, Educator
54. Tristan de Luna, Spanish Leader of First Settlement
Attempt at Pensacola
55. William Allen Lundy, Civil War Veteran
56. Dr. Vernon McDaniel, Educator
57. Alexander McGillivray, Creek Indian Leader
58. Stephen R. Mallory, Confederate Secretary of the Navy
59. Rev. Hawthorne Konrad “H. K.” Matthews, Civil Rights
60. Theophalis May, Historic Preservationist

61. Clifford Meigs, Developer, Mayor
62. Arturo Menillo, Photographer
63. Julia Mooney and Euphrates Mooney, Early Settlers,
64. Richard R. Morris, Lighthouse Keeper, Businessman
65. John Newton, Minister, Educator
66. Julian Olsen, Community Activist
67. William Panton, Businessman
68. Edward A. Perry, Governor
69. James E. Plew, Businessman
70. James Polkinghorne, Sr., Pharmacist
71. James Polkinghorne, Jr., Tuskegee Airman Pilot
72. Chester Pruitt, Police Officer
73. Sarah Frances Brooks Pryor, Educator, Community
74. Thomas Jefferson “TJ” Pryor, Jr., Businessman, Mayor
75. William Columbus Pryor, Educator, Mayor
76. Jessie Rogers, Early Settler
77. Salvador Ruby, Soldier, Businessman
78. Eugene Edwin Saunders, Businessman
79. Robert Lee Fulton Sikes, Politician
80. Andrew Simpson and Ezekiel Simpson, Businessmen
81. Theodore “Theo” Staff, Early Settler, Businessman
82. John Sunday, Public Official, Businessman
83. Thomas DeSaille Tucker, Attorney, University President
84. Timothy Twitchell, Businessman
85. The Walton Guard, Civil War Company
86. T. T. Wentworth, Jr., Museum Founder
87. Dr. Henry Clay White, Jr., Physician
88. Dr. Henry G. Williams, Physician
89. Charles Wilson, Attorney
90. Philip Keyes Yonge, Businessman, Civic Leader


91. Lassie Goodbread Black, Community Activist
92. Carolyn Mays Brevard, Educator, Historian
93. Richard Keith Call, Territorial Governor
94. Dr. Alpha Omega Campbell, Physician
95. Witt A. Campbell, Educator
96. William Thomas Cash, State Librarian
97. Francis Castelnau, (Compte de), Naturalist, Artist
98. Dr. Merritt Ryals Clements, Physician
99. Mary Call Darby Collins, Historic Preservationist
100. Thomas LeRoy Collins, Governor
101. Frederick Preston Cone, Governor
102. Dr. J. Broward Culpepper, Educator
103. Julius Diamond, Businessman
104. Ruby Diamond, Philanthropist
105. Dorothy Dodd, State Archivist, Photographer
106. Patricia Stephens Due, Civil Rights Activist
107. Francis Eppes, Civic Leader
108. The Florencia Family, Spanish Officials of Apalachee
109. Timothy Thomas Fortune, Journalist
110. William Patrick Foster, Band Director
111. Millie Francis (Malee), Soldier’s Advocate
112. Francisco Galindo, Ranch Overseer
113. Thomas Van Renssalaer Gibbs, Politician
114. John Gorrie, Physician, Inventor – Springwood
Elementary School , Tallahassee
115. Dr. William J. Gunn, Physician
116. William Hardon, Businessman
117. Amos Hargrett, Public Official
118. Alvan S. Harper, Photographer
119. Wilhelmina Jakes and Carrie Patterson, Civil Rights
120. McKinley Jeffers, Educator, Community Activist
121. Captain Colin P. Kelly, Jr., World War II Pilot
122. Leander Kirksey, Band Director
123. William Knott and Luella Pugh Knott, Government
Official and Community Activist
124. Fred Douglas Lee, Policeman
125. Louise Maclay, Philanthropist
126. Nathan Kellogg McGill, Attorney, Publisher
127. Thomas McLeary, Public Official
128. Robert Meacham, Minister, Politician
129. Juan Mendoza and Diego Salvador, Indian Interpreters
in Apalachee Province
130. Gladys Milton, Midwife
131. Catherine Murat, Historic Preservationist
132. Minnie Jones Niblack, Educator
133. “Father” James Page, Minister, Public Official
134. Claude Pepper, Politician
135. Fray Martín Prieto, Franciscan Missionary
136. George Proctor, Builder
137. John Elias Proctor, Educator, Politician
138. John Gilmore Riley, Educator and Businessman
139. Ray Charles Robinson, Musician
140. George Washington Scott, Confederate Civil War
Officer, Businessman
141. Hernando de Soto, Explorer
142. Rev. Charles Kenzie “C.K.” Steele, Civil Rights Activist
143. Dr. William Spencer Stevens, Physician
144. Sergeant Ernest “Boots” Thomas, World War II Soldier
145. Sam Wahnish, Mayor
146. George Walter Wetmore, Public official
147. John Lee Williams, Attorney
148. C. Bette Wimbish, Politician


149. William Bartram, Naturalist and Writer
150. Abbie Brooks, Writer and Historian
151. Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, Governor
152. Frank B. Butler, Businessman and Community Leader
153. Gabriel Diaz Vera Calderón, Bishop of Cuba
154. Merian Cooper, Movie Producer
155. Ninah Cummer, Arts Patron, Museum Founder
156. Wellington Cummer, Businessman
157. Henrietta Cuttino Dozier, Architect
158. Sir Francis Drake, Privateer
159. William Pope Duval, Territorial Leader
160. Juan Jose de Estrada, Spanish Governor
161. George Rainsford Fairbanks, Civic Leader and
162. Alverdo Adair Geitgey, Land Developer
163. John Preston Hall, Sr., Community Leader
164. Oliver Hardy, Comic Actor
165. Isaiah Hart, Community Founder and Leader
166. Nina Hawkins, Journalist and Historic Preservationist
167. May Mann Jennings, Environmental Activist
168. James Weldon Johnson, Poet, Diplomat, and Civil
Rights activist
169. Anna Madgigaine Jai Kingsley, Free African,
Plantation Owner
170. Zephaniah Kingsley Jr., Slave Trader and Plantation
171. Henry John Klutho, Architect
172. Captain René Goulaine de Laudonnière, Explorer
173. Abraham Lincoln Lewis, Businessman
174. Father Francisco Lopez de Mendoza Grajales,
175. Gregor MacGregor, Revolutionary
176. Rhoda Martin, Community Leader
177. Francisco Menéndez, Militia Leader
178. Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, Founder of St. Augustine
179. Charles E. Merrill, Businessman
180. Manuel de Montiano, Spanish Governor
181. Richard Norman, Filmmaker
182. Friar Francisco Pareja, Missionary and Writer
183. Verle A. Pope, Businessman, Politician, and Community
184. Asa Philip Randolph, Civil Rights Activist
185. Chloe Merrick Reed, Educator and Humanitarian
186. Denys Rolle, Landowner
187. Bernard Romans, Cartographer
188. Saturiwa, Timucuan Leader
189. Augusta Savage, Sculptor
190. Sisters of St. Joseph, Educators and Humanitarians
191. Sitiki (Jack Smith)
192. Franklin Waldo Smith, Architect and Historic
193. Harriet Beecher Stowe, Author
194. Helen Hunt West, Political Activist, Journalist
195. Eartha White, Humanitarian
196. Emily Lloyd Wilson, Historian and Librarian
197. Laura Woodward, Artist
198. David Levy Yulee, Politician and Railroad Owner


199. Dr. Frank Adamo, World War II Physician
200. Blanche Armwood, Educator, Community Activist, Civil
Rights Activist
201. John Vincent Atanasoff, Physicist
202. Cedric Donald Atkins, Citrus Industry Researcher
203. Rev. Joel E. Atkins, Minister, Civil Rights Activist
204. Wogan Stanhope Badcock, Sr., Businessman
205. Black Organizations of Tampa
206. Edward William Bok, Author, Philanthropist – Liane
207. Johnny Henderson Burnett, Baseball Player
208. Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca, Spanish Explorer
209. Eleanor McWilliams Chamberlain, Suffragist
210. John King Cheyney
211. Lawton Mainor Chiles Jr., Governor
212. Herbert Jackson Drane, Politician
213. Jack Eckerd, Businessman, Philanthropist
214. George E. Edgecomb, Judge
215. Esteban, Explorer
216. Percival Elliott Fansler, Airline Founder – Salomon
217. Florida’s First People: The Mound Builders
218. Cody Fowler, Attorney
219. Louise Kelley Frisbie, Author
220. Clara C. Frye, Nurse, Humanitarian
221. George Henry Gause, Politician
222. Sam Gibbons, WW II Army Officer and Politician
223. John Michael Gonatos, Sponge Diver
224. Ben Hill Griffin, Jr., Businessman, Politician
225. Spessard Lindsey Holland, Governor
226. Tony Jannus, Pilot
227. George Washington Jenkins, Jr., Founder of Publix
228. Sherrod “Scott” Kelly, Politician
229. Peter Oliphant Knight, Attorney
230. Al Lang, Mayor
231. Julia Frances Langford, Singer
232. Edna Pearce Lockett
233. Al Lopez, Baseball Player
234. Charles Parkhill Lykes, Rancher, Businessman
235. Thomas Buchanan McGuire, Jr., World War II Pilot
236. James McKay, Sr., Businessman, Civic Leader
237. Vicente Martinez-Ybor, Businessman
238. Althea Margaret Daily Mills, Civil Rights Activist
239. James Henry Mills, World War II Soldier
240. Gram Parsons, Musician
241. Paulina Pedroso, Cuban Activist
242. Henry Bradley Plant, Businessman, Railroad Owner
243. Richard Downing Pope, Sr., Tourism Promoter
244. Margaret Shippen Roebling, Environmental Activist
245. Dr. Mary Jane Safford, Physician
246. Gene Sarazan, Professional Golfer
247. Robert W. Saunders, Civil Rights Activist
248. Betty Skelton, Pilot
249. Chesterfield Harvey Smith, World War II Officer,
250. Ludd Myrl Spivey, College President
251. Dr. Ossian Sweet, Physician
252. Harry Gordon Taylor, Attorney
253. Park Monroe Trammel, Governor
254. James Clarence Tugerson, Baseball Player, Police
255. James Alward Van Fleet, Army Officer
256. Dr. Grace Ruarc Whitford, Physician
257. Claude Earnest Woodruff, Jr., Educator, Coach


258. Jesse Aaron, Sculptor
259. Ahaya the Cowkeeper, Seminole Chief
260. Martin Andersen, Businessman, Journalist
261. James B. Bailey, Plantation Owner, Public Official
262. John Bellamy, Plantation Owner, Road Builder
263. General Albert Blanding, Military Officer
264. Thelma Bolton, Florida Folk Festival Director
265. Joseph Brechner, Journalist
266. Henry H. Buckman, Politician
267. Robert Cade, Scientist
268. Joseph Clark. Civic Leader
269. David Cofrin, Philanthropist
270. Bessie Coleman, Aviatrix
271. Joseph Crevasse, Sheriff
272. Bill Darden, Restaurant Owner
273. Leonard G. Dennis, Politician
274. John Jackson “J. J.” Dickison, Confederate Officer
275. Bo Diddley, Musician
276. Roy Disney, Builder of Walt Disney World
277. Walt Disney, Founder of Walt Disney World
278. James Doig, Businessman
279. Phillip Benjamin Harvey “P.B.H.” Dudley, Early Settler
280. Henry F. Dutton, Businessman
281. Helen Ellerbe, Librarian
282. General J. J. Finley, Confederate Officer
283. Edna Giles Fuller, Politician, Women’s Rights Activist
284. General Edmund Pendleton Gaines, Military Officer
285. Thomas Evans Haile, Early Settler
286. Paula Hawkins, Politician
287. Virgil Hawkins, Attorney, Civil Rights Activist
288. Hamilton Holt, Educator
289. Lena Smithers Hughes, Horticulturalist
290. Zora Neal Hurston, Folklorist, Anthropologist, Author
291. Elizabeth McCullough Johnson, Politician
292. John Paul Jones, Jr., Educator, Journalist
293. William Stetson Kennedy, Author
294. Jack Kerouac, Author
295. Murray S. King, Architect
296. King Payne, Seminole Chief
297. Carl Kuhl, Aviator
298. Carl Thomas Langford, Mayor of Orlando
299. T.G. Lee, Dairy Producer
300. Roberta Lisle, Mayor
301. Marie Bell McCoy, Author
302. James F. McKinstry, Physician and Postmaster
303. Chris Matheson & Sarah Hamilton Matheson, Mayor;
Donor of Matheson House
304. James Douglas Matheson, Businessman, Public
305. Juanita Maxey, Civic Leader
306. Pedro Menéndez Marquez, Spanish Colonial Official
307. Micanopy, Seminole Leader
308. J. Hillis Miller, University President
309. Charles Millican, University President
310. Albert Alexander Murphree, University President
311. Dr. Henry Nehrling, Horticulturalist
312. Edgar C. Nilson, Airport Developer
313. Stephen C. O’Connell, University President
314. Brailey Odham, Politician
315. July Perry, Civil Rights Activist
316. Madison Starke Perry, Governor
317. Dr. P. Phillips, Citrus Grower
318. Cicero Addison Pound, Businessman
319. Hoyle Pounds, Businessman
320. Samuel Proctor, University Historian
321. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Author
322. Blair Reeves, University Professor
323. J. Wayne Reitz, University President
324. Sarah Lucretia Robb, Physician, Community Activist
325. Henry Sanford, Town Founder, Businessman, Diplomat
326. Joseph D. Stringfellow, Plantation Owner
327. Henry Swanson, Environmentalist
328. William S. “Tiny” Talbot, School Superintendent
329. William Reuben Thomas, Educator, Mayor
330. John J. Tigert, University President
331. Joe Tinker, Businessman
332. Josiah Thomas Walls, Politician
333. Dr. W. W. Yothers, Entomologist


334. Duane Allman, Musician
335. John Anderson, Businessman
336. A. E. Backus, Artist
337. Moses Barber, Cattleman
338. Gilbert Barkoskie, Cattleman
339. Mary McLeod Bethune, Educator
340. Edwin Binney, Businessman, Community Leader
341. Jacob Brock, Businessman
342. Lawrence Bernard Brown, Businessman
343. Charles Wilhelm Bulow, Landowner
344. Charles Grover Burgoyne, Businessman
345. Archie Carr, Naturalist and Zoologist
346. George P. Colby, Spiritualist
347. Stephen Crane, Author
348. Henry Cutting, Sportsman
349. Tippen Davidson, Journalist and Community Activist
350. Matthias Day, Community Founder
351. Henry A. DeLand, Businessman
352. Jonathan Dickinson, Author and Merchant
353. Abraham Dupont, Pioneer
354. Dale Earnhardt, Racing Champion
355. Bill France, Sr., Racing Pioneer
356. Bill France, Jr., Racing Promotor
357. William Henry Gleason, Land Developer
358. Lue Gim Gong, Horticulturalist
359. Major Cyrus Graves, Land Developer
360. Grey Eyes, Road Planner
361. Alfred Hair, Artist
362. Axel Hallstrom, Horticulturalist and Banker
363. Joseph Hernandez, Businessman and City Leader
364. Thomas Jesup, Military Leader
365. John F. Kennedy, President
366. Paul Kroegal, Environmentalist
367. Doris Leeper, Artist and Environmentalist
368. A.B. Michael, Citrus Entrepreneur
369. David Mizell, Sheriff
370. Harry T. Moore and Harriette V. Moore
371. Jim Morrison, Musician
372. Ransom E. Olds, Automobile Pioneer
373. James Ormond, Plantation Owner
374. Francisco Pellicer, Community Leader
375. Juan Ponce de León, Explorer
376. Jackie Robinson, Baseball Pioneer
377. John D. Rockefeller, Businessman
378. Dr. Mary Josie Rogers, Community Leader and
379. Caroline P. Rossetter, Businesswoman
380. Waldo Sexton, Tourism Promoter
381. John B. Stetson, Businessman and Philanthropist
382. Dr. Howard Thurman, Civil Rights Leader
383. Col. Henry Titus, Community Leader
384. Andrew Turnbull, Businessman
385. Women of Fellsmere


386. Carrie Abbe, Postmistress
387. Abiaka (Sam Jones), Seminole Leader
388. Dr. Fred Albee, Orthopedic Surgeon, Develope
389. Deaconess Harriet Bedell, Humanitarian, Missionary –
Glades Middle School
390. Josie Billie, Seminole Medicine Man
391. Susie Billie, Seminole Medicine Woman
392. Emma E. Booker, Educator
393. Billy Bowlegs III, Seminole Elder
394. William Henry Brown, Trading Post Owner
395. John Browning, Colonist
396. Peter E. Buchan, County Commissioner
397. Owen Burns, Developer – Lourdes Fernandez
398. Ruth Butler, Supporter of the Arts
399. Chakaika (Follow After), Seminole Leader
400. Chitto Tustenuggee (Snake Warrior), Seminole Leader
401. John Chupco, Seminole Leader – Flower Guys
402. Coacoochee (Wild Cat), Seminole Leader
403. Barron Collier, Businessman
404. Lewis Colson, Community Activist
405. Josephine Cortes, Publisher
406. Billy L. Cypress, Museum Director
407. Charlie Cypress, Seminole Canoe-builder
408. Julian Dimock, Photographer
409. A.B. Edwards, Civic Leader
410. Roger Flory, Publisher, Activist 411. John Henry Floyd,
412. John Hamilton Gillespie, Developer, Civic Leader
413. W. Stanley Hanson, Advocate
414. Fanneal Harrison, Educator
415. Harry Higel, Mayor
416. Philip Hiss, Developer
417. Holata Micco (Billy Bowlegs), Seminole Leader
418. Florence Johnson, Postmaster
419. Betty Mae Jumper, Seminole Community Leader
420. MacKinlay Kantor, Author
421. Jesse Knight, Rancher
422. George D. Lindsay, Editor
423. Clay MacCauley, Ethnologist
424. John Nolen, Town Planner
425. John “Buck” O’Neil, Baseball Player and Manager
426. Bill Osceola, Seminole Community Leader
427. Reverend Billy Osceola, Seminole Minister and
Community Leader
428. Corey Osceola, Seminole Promoter
429. Dorothy Scott Osceola, Seminole Activist and
Community Leader
430. Jimmy O’Toole Osceola, Seminole Community Leader
431. Bertha Honoré Palmer, Socialite, Businesswoman
432. Polly Parker (Madeloyee), Seminole Leader
433. Calvin N. Payne, Sarasota Benefactor
434. Charles Ringling, Circus Leader, Developer
435. John Ringling, Circus Leader, Developer
436. Seminole Indians
437. Alanson Skinner, Anthropologist
438. William Sturtevant, Anthropologist
439. Täl-la-häs-ke Fustvstvnuke (Tallahassee), Seminole
440. Kenneth Thompson, City Manager – Alessandro
441. Ralph Twitchell, Architect
442. William H. Whitaker, Pioneer
443. Rose Wilson, Publisher – David Marte
444. Dr. Cullen Bryant Wilson, Physician


445. Edith Meserve Atkinson, Judge and Community Leader
446. Frank M. Button, Architect
447. August H. Butts, Businessman and Farmer
448. Barbara Baer Capitman, Historic Preservationist
449. Gwendolyn Sawyer Cherry, Educator and Politician
450. Glenn Curtiss, Aviation Pioneer – Miami Springs Senior
451. Arthur Vining Davis, Community Developer
452. Elisha “Cap” Dimick, Community Leader
453. Dana Albert Dorsey, Businessman and Philanthropist
454. Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Writer and
455. Paul Albert Dreher, Landscaper
456. The Engineers and Workers who built the Florida
Overseas Railway
457. Henry Morrison Flagler, Businessman and Community
458. Thomas Farrar Fleming, Jr., Community Leader-Florida
Atlantic University Community Park
459. Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs
460. Hernando D’Escalante Fontaneda, Shipwreck Survivor
and Writer
461. Frazee, Warren, a.k.a. “Alligator Joe,” Tourism
462. Hattie Louise Gale, Educator
463. Clarence Geist, Community Developer
464. Theodore R. Gibson, Civil Rights Leader
465. Millie Gildersleeve, Midwife and Farmer
466. Ernest Hemingway, Writer
467. Alex Hughes, Community Leader
468. James Jerome “Cracker” Johnson, Entrepreneur
469. Harry Kelsey, Community Developer
470. Morris Lapidus, Architect
471. John D. MacArthur, Businessman and Community
472. Eva Mack, Health Educator and Community Leader
473. Arthur R. Marshall, Jr., Environmentalist
474. José Martí, Poet and Freedom Fighter
475. Guy Metcalf, Community Leader
476. Haley Mickens, Entrepreneur and Community Leader
477. J. C. Mitchell, Politician and Community Leader
478. Addison Mizner, Architect
479. George Sukeji Morikami, Philanthropist
480. Marvin Umphrey “Red” Mounts, Agriculture Educator
481. Ralph Middleton Munroe and Alfred Munroe,
Photographers 482. Vincent Natulkiewicz, a.k.a. “Trapper
Nelson,” Businessman
483. Ann Weaver Norton, Sculptor and Philanthropist
484. Ralph Hubbard Norton, Businessman and Art
Collector – Dyana Cuan-Garcia
485. Ruth Bryan Owen, Politician-Everglades Holiday Park
486. Alfred Browning Parker, Architect
487. John D. Pennekamp, Journalist and Environmentalist
488. Louis Robert Perini, Sr., Community Developer
489. Dr. Henry Perrine, Botanist
490. Thelma Peters, Educator and Historian
491. William Lyman Phillips, Landscape Architect
492. George Wells Potter, Artist and Businessman
493. Thomas Moore Rickards, Land Developer
494. John Kunkel Small, Botanist
495. Frank and Ivy Cromartie Stranahan, Community
496. Jerry Thomas, Politician
497. Julia Tuttle, Community Developer – Morningside
Montessori School
498. Monsignor Bryan Oliver Walsh, Child Advocate and
Church Leader
499. William Jenkins Worth, Military Leader
500. Anonymous Artists