Hill Farm Dinner Party


Artist:   Xavier Cortada
Title:  “Hill Farm Dinner Party”
When: Thursday, July 26th, 2012 at 4 pm.
Where: Thorton Gore (off Tripoli Road), White Mountain National Forest
Who: Cortada, the forest’s archeologist and historian, and 8-12 professional artists in New Hampshire who would be interested in repeating this performance in other WMNF historic sites, including:

  • Landaff Moddy Ledge
  • Sandwich Notch
  • Chicken Borough
  • Knocker’s Hole
  • Albany Iona

Hill Farm Dinner Party is a performative work where local artists share a meal on the ruins of a farmhouse in Thorton Gore (in White Mountain National Forest), eating foods that would have been farmed onsite before the space was reclaimed by the nature.

White Mountain National Forest archeologist Terry Fifield, Historic Archaeologist, Sarah Jordan and descendants of the Merrill family (former owners of the site) joined artist-in-residence Xavier Cortada in addressing the audience, explaining the human history of the forest and the need to protect these archeological sites.

For more information contact Frumie Selchen, Executive Director,Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire (Frumie@aannh.org) or see https://cortada.com/residencies/new-hampshire


whitemountainArtist Xavier Cortada and composer Juan Carlos Espinosa are currently serving as Artists-in-Residence at White Mountain National Forest.   The residency is presented in collaboration with the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire (www.aannh.org).

They have worked together on numerous projects over the last few years, most of them have been related to their shared environmental concerns. Their eco-art practice is defined by interdisciplinary collaboration and participatory practices that involve artists, scientists, communities with the goal of public awareness and bioremediation.

During July 2012, the artists will work with White Mountain National Forest foresters, scientists and trail builders and the local community to develop ideas for their work. Inspired by and responding to the forest, the artists will create site-specific works and temporary installations.