Ancestral Dinner Party

Hardcore Art Contemporary Space

September 11, 2010

Had dinner last night with food Mo (El Salvador), Mike (Puerto Rico), Patrick (Peru) and I “hunted and gathered” throughout the day. The last common ancestors (M89) the four of us share did the same thing in the Middle East 45,000 years ago…


HACS will open the season 2010-11 with its 5th year installment of the New Media Festival presenting the works of local and international artists as in past. Among the artists: Jonathan Rockford with a solo exhibition, New York based Miru Kim and Gladys Triana, local Miami artists Xavier Cortada, Venessa Monokian, Antonia Wright, Ruben Millares among others. Also showing at the NMF, a representation of video artists from Rome’s MACRO.

There will be a DNA performance by Xavier Cortada of his “Ancestral Journeys” piece at the October 9th Wynwood Gallery Walk. Other performances will be expected